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Gegründet am: 15. Nov. 2006
We're pissed off, baby.

Do you seem to be angry 24/7?

Do you become really REALLY pissed off when you're drunk?

Are you generally a hateful person?

Does the phrase "calm down" just piss...

Angry? Join us. It's as simple as that.

We don't care what music you listen to here, just join us if you're pissed off.

You don't have to be constantly angry to join us. If you're pissed off right now for any given reason, feel free to join, and vent your fury. (Despite the fact that after today you will never visit this group again XP)


NOTE: We are NOT an emo group! This is NOT a place for people to cry and slit their wrists over some petty relationship that has just ended or whatever. We're pissed off, but we don't cry about it and take it out on our wrists.

I don't care if you listen to emo, but if you follow the emo trend and fashion then do us a favour and kindly find another group.

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