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Gegründet am: 3. Aug. 2010
For lovers of electronic music that want to explore different styles and hear something new!

This group will give an opportunity for music listeners to find new music to listen to and share their favourites. Everything from ambient, IDM to dark electro will be here.

In this group I am keen on providing links to those electronic acts that release some of their music for free download or full tracks, so that we can try them out before buying an album. Links to these albums and many other great website links are below!

Cool free music resources:

Percussion Lab - Recorded live sessions
Electronic Nightmare blog
Electronic Nightmare Group - IDM/rhythmic noise/post-industrial downloads thanks b-s-v
Post-Traumatic-Sound-Distribution blog
Know your genres! - Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music
Jamendo - Creative Commons
Hype Machine Scrobbles to Last FM if you join and is free!
Percussion Labs IDM/minimal/dubstep sets on
Mixes DB - DJ sets thanks Pernophus DJ Sets - Techno/breaks/dub/other
Dreamy Music For Those Who Have Inner Peacefulness Group
Pixies Palace Group
New TechnoID

Some labels with free samples or downloads:
Soft Phase
Beko Various electronica
Enpeg Digital IDM
PhonoCake Dub, dreamy, IDM
Netzschall IDM
Sutemos Minimal, IDM
Black Hoe Recordings thanks tim-oleksii
Escala IDM
Stadtgruen - ambient/dub/minimal techno
Illphabetik thanks tim-oleksii
Section 27 Netlabel
Abstrakt Reflections
IDMForums - IDM and techno
Ad Noiseam
CRL Studios

And goodies for specific artists:
Sound Wave Pressure - Something Weird Inside of Me
The X-Structure
DJ Iridium psychill and progressive trance mixes - go to mix page and right click on downward red arrow on right side to save target (or link) as mp3 thanks Tempter-desu
Pretty Lights thanks Elisisciousz
Mind over MIDI
Zentriert ins Antlitz, Innovation Reality, E.M.I.T.R
Ochre - Early Learning
Veell thanks Vintovka
Fieldtriqp - Old Haunts thanks Beablossom

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