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"The Dead Lovers appeared like ghosts. Three months ago they released a rough demo online, and were immediately booked to play at the Searock festival along with The Editors and a hatful of other well known bands.

They recently performed at an international artists competiton. They rehearsed for an hour and won. They´ve now been asked to play in london.

There are whispers they were close friends with the legendary Lee Hazlewood and already collaborated on songs with Morricone’s main man Alessandro Alessandroni . Already requested to record and play in the US later this summer, here’s your chance to catch the most hyped group around at the moment as they play a small warm up show at the Junction Bar in Berlin.

Their sound is vintage, epic and cinematic. It steals from the 50s and the 60 but sounds utterly fresh and irresistible. If Morricone and Brenda Lee started a band today, this is how it would sound."

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