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Welcome to Monica’s group!

Let’s talk about money, more money, plus how to grow money :)

Living in San Francisco, just beginning my career & here I’m ready to get a hold over my finances. Take a look at what my smart finance management tool- moneyStrands does for me:
•Unified view of my finances
moneyStrands aggregates & automatically updates information from all my bank, credit card & other financial accounts in one secure & convenient place

•Stay in Charge on the move
Access all my data on my smart phone. Configured moneyStrands to receive timely text alerts that save me from financial headaches

•Chart out a realistic plan
Also, put my long term goals in perspective to achieve those big dreams

•Adjust family budget
Got advice on saving for a house down payment, along with managing everyday finances

•Compare with peers
Anonymously get to know how they are managing money.

Join my group! Stay tuned to get updates on managing finances. Register and explore more - moneyStrands

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