What bands next?

  • What bands next?

    What other bands do people want to see join this metal batallion?

    "The furture hasn't been written yet, no-ones has. The future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one!"
  • Galloglass etc

    We need Galloglass! and Iron Maiden ... we just have to

  • indeed we do they shalt be added to the list

    "The furture hasn't been written yet, no-ones has. The future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one!"
    • [Gelöschter Benutzer] schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 28. Okt. 2006, 10:48
    They are heavy/power metallers from Argentina

    • [Gelöschter Benutzer] schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 29. Okt. 2006, 12:43
    what about Hammerfall

  • your right....how on earth did i manage to forget about hammerfall

    "The furture hasn't been written yet, no-ones has. The future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one!"
  • Umm... missing out Kamelot?

  • Amon Amarth are missing!

  • excellent suggestions, i'll add those right away

    "The furture hasn't been written yet, no-ones has. The future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one!"
  • Hmm, few of these bands you might already know.
    Sorry the list is big, just pick those wich arent your list and or you are interested of. I can give you info about any of these bands/album if you need.

    Now this genre is my speciality, hehe.

    So heres sum bands I own:

    Example: Band - Cd

    Abraxas - Tomorrow's World
    Alkemyst - Meeting in the Mist
    Alogia - Secret Spheres Of Art
    Angeldust - Bleed
    Angeldust - Enlighten The Darkness
    Anubis Gate - Purification
    Arachnes - Apocalypse
    Arachnes - Parallel Worlds
    Arachnes - Primary Fear
    Arachnes - The Goddess Temple
    Archetype - Dawning
    Archontes - Saga Of Eternity
    Arwen - Memories of a Dream
    Arwen - Illusions (one of my favorite albums)
    Ataraxia - Simphonia Sine Nomine
    Athena - Twilight of Days
    Athlantis - Athlantis
    Axenstar - Perpetual Twilight
    Axenstar - The Inquisition
    Azrael - Sunrise In The Dreamland
    Balance Of Power - Heathen Machine
    Balance Of Power - Perfect Balance
    Balance Of Power - Ten More Tales Of Grand Illusion
    Battlerage - Steel Supremacy
    Beautiful Sin - The Unexpected (Ltd.Edition) (one of my favorite albums)
    Black Abyss - Land Of Darkness
    Black Majesty - Sands Of Time
    Black Symphony - Black Symphony
    Blind guardian (7 cd's)
    Brainstorm (discography = 4cd's, 1 single)
    Burning Point - Feeding The Flames
    Burning Point - Salvation By Fire
    Celesty - Reign Of Elements
    Celesty - Legacy Of Hate
    Cellador - Enter Deception
    Chain Collector -The Masquerade
    Conquest - Endless Power
    Cronian - Terra
    Cryonic Temple - Chapter 1
    Cryonic Temple - Blood, Guts & Glory
    Cryonic Temple - In Thy Power
    Crystal Ball - Virtual Empire
    Crystal Ball - Hellvetia
    Crystal Ball - Hard impact
    Crystal Eyes - Vengence Descending
    Crystal Eyes - In Silence They March
    Crystal Eyes - World Of Black And Silver
    Darkmoor (5 cd's)
    Deafening Silence - Edge of Life
    Delpht- Screams of Ice
    Demons&Wizards - Demons&Wizards
    Dionysus - Sign Of Truth
    Dionysus - Fairytales and Reality (one of my favorite albums)
    Dionysus -Anima mundi
    Domain (5 cd's)
    Domine - Champion Eternal
    Domine - Dragonlord
    Domine - Emperor Of The Black Runes
    Double Dealer - Deride at the Top
    Dragon Lord - Through the Time
    Dragonforce - Sonic Firestorm
    Dragonhammer - Blood of the Dragon
    Dragonhammer - Time for Expiation (one of my favorite albums)
    Dragonland (got whole discography 3 albums)
    Drakkar - Gemini
    Dream Evil (3 cd's)
    Dreamaker - Human Device
    Dreamtide - Dreams For The Daring
    Dreamtide - Here Comes the Flood
    Dungeon - A Rise To Power
    Dungeon - One Step Beyond
    Edenbridge - Aphelion
    Edenbridge - Arcana
    Edenbridge - Shine (one of my favorite albums)
    Edenbridge - Sunrise in Eden
    Eldritch - Neighbourhell
    Eldritch - Portrait Of The Abyss Within
    Elvenking - Heatenreel
    Elvenking - Wyrd
    Equilibrium - Turis Fratyr (one of my favorite albums)
    Eternal Flight - Positive rage
    Eternal Reign - Crimes of Passion
    Eternal Reign - Forbidden Path
    Eternia - Tales Of Power
    Evergrey (5 cd's)
    Exhibition - The Sign Of Tomorrow
    Eyes Of Shiva - Eyes Of Soul
    Fairyland - Of Wars In Osyrhia (one of my favorite albums)
    Falconer (5 cd's)
    Firewind - Between Heaven And Hell
    Firewind - Burning Earth
    Freedom Call (whole discography)
    Galloglass - Legends from now and nevermore
    Galloglass - Heavenseeker (one of my favorite albums)
    Gothic Knights - Up From The Ashes
    Grave Digger (5 or 6 cd's)
    Guardians Of Time - Edge Of Tomorrow
    Guardians Of Time - Machines Of Mental Design
    Gun Barrel - Battle Tested
    Gun Barrel - Power dive
    Hammerfall (7 cd's)
    Highland Glory - From the Cradle to the Brave
    Highlord (4 cd's)
    Holy Blood - The Wanderer
    Holy Dragons (5 cd's)
    Human Fortress - Defender of the Crown (one of my favorite albums)
    Human Fortress - Lord Of Earth And Heavens Heir
    Iced Earth (2 cd's)
    Isengard - Crownless Majesty
    Ivory Tower - Beyond The Stars
    Ivory Tower - Ivory Tower
    Kamelot (5 cd's)
    Kilpi (own whole discography, 3cd's)
    Labyrinth - Freeman
    Lana Lane (9 cd's)
    Landguard - Eden of A Parallel Dimension (one of my favorite albums)
    Lunatica - Fables And Dreams (one of my favorite albums)
    Majestic - Trinity Overture
    Majesty - Hellforces
    Majesty - Metal Law
    Majesty - Sword and Sorcery
    Mastodon - Leviathan
    Metal Majesty - 2005
    Metal Majesty- This Is Not A Drill
    Metalium (6 cd's)
    Midnight Sun - Metal Machine
    Midnight Sun - Another World
    Midnight sun - Nemesis
    Minotaurus - Myth or Reality
    Mob Rules - Temple Of Two Suns
    Mob Rules - Among The Gods (one of my favorite albums)
    Montany-New Born Day (one of my favorite albums)
    Mystic Prophecy - Vengeance
    Mystic Prophecy - Regressus
    Mystic Prophecy - Savage Souls (one of my favorite albums)
    New Eden - Stagnant Progression
    Nostradameus - The Prophet Of Evil
    Nostradameus - The Third Prophecy
    Nostradameus - Words Of Nostradameus
    Odyssea - Tears in Floods
    Olympos Mons - Conquistador
    Oratory - Illusion Dimension
    Oratory - Interludium
    Oratory- Beyond Earth
    Pagan's Mind - Celestial Entrance
    Pagan's Mind - Infinity Divine
    Power Quest - Neverworld
    Pyramaze - Legend Of Bone Carver (one of my favorite albums)
    Pyramaze - Melancholy Beast
    RoyalHunt (4 cd's)
    Sacred Steel - Bloodlust
    Sacred Steel - Iron Blessings
    Sacred Steel - Slaughter Prophecy
    Seventh Avenue - Between the Worlds
    Stormwind - Stargate
    Stormwind - Legacy ( 2CD )
    Stormwind - Reflections
    Stormwind - Resurrection
    Stormwind - Rising symphony
    Stormwitch (5 cd's)
    Supreme Majesty - Danger
    Supreme Majesty - Elements Of Creation
    Supreme Majesty - Tales Of A Tragic Kingdom
    Time Requiem - Time Requiem
    Time Requiem - The Inner Circle Of Reality
    Tomorrow's Eve - Mirror Of Creation II - Genesis II
    Total Eclipse - Ashes Of Eden
    Twilight Guardians - Tales of the Brave
    Twilight Guardians - Wasteland
    Twisted Tower Dire - The isle of hydra
    Twisted Tower Dire - Crest of the Martyrs
    Vinterland - Welcome My Last Chapter
    Winterlong - The Second Coming
    Winterlong - Winterlong
    Visions Of Atlantis - Cast Away
    Visions Of Atlantis - Eternal Endless Infinity
    Wizard - Bound By Metal
    Wizard - Head Of The Deceiver
    Wizard - Odin
    Voice - Golden Signs
    Voice - Soulhunter
    Wolf - Black Wings
    Wolf - Evil Star
    Wonderland - Wonderland (one of my favorite albums)

    Heres Little list just bands:

    At Vance
    Jacob's Dream
    Lost Horizon
    Primal Fear
    Sonata Arctica

    Whoa, looks like I own lotsa melodic cd's

    Some of those albums might not be "power metal" but all of them got melodic sounds

    Hope you enjoy this package of great music as much I do

    - DemonsLight

  • Nice list! Quite a few I don't know and will have to check out!

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