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Gegründet am: 11. Mär. 2007

sweethearts, darlings, lovely, beautiful, classy, clever and sexy women that sing/sung (some not so much) and should be worshipped. without them all existence would be miserable, unbareable, impossible!
we also love women in general and sometimes have crushes on our teacherladies.
oh, and the redheads...!

note: PETA members (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals) stay out.

new rules:

if you have Lady Gaga, Norah Jones, Celine Dion, James Blunt, Damien Rice, Radiohead, Coldplay or similar ridiculous artists in your Overall top 50 that would mess up our charts here, you will be rejected.

you must have been active on last.fm for at least the last 6 months and also been playing no less than 7.000 tracks.
thank you

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