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For folk who like Suba, the Serbian legend, world famous in Brazil.

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Paraphrasing AllBrazilianMusic: Mitar Subotic, a.k.a. Suba, was born in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. The musician wrote s for and did a lot of research on his country’s music. In , with a UNESCO scholarship, he arrived in , establishing himself as a . He was the hand behind discs like Benzina, Fuá Na Casa de CaBRal, Pierrot do Brasil and Tanto Tempo, among others. In , he put out a , São Paulo Confessions, on the American label Ziriguiboom. The album was a to the town where he chose to live. Suba died only a few months after the release of that CD, in a fire in his apartment. São Paulo... was released in Brazil only in the following year by Instituto Suba, a foundation created by his friends to preserve the ’s memory and release albums.
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