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A group for actress, dancer and former wrestling manager, Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler.

Stacy started out as a Baltimore Raven's cheerleader before becoming a WCW Nitro Girl. In 2001, she became a WWE Diva, lasting for five years. The last few months of her WWE tenure, she appeared on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. From there she she earned two guest spots on the George Lopez show and a recurring role on the now defunct What About Brian.

- Pecker, 1998 (uncredited blonde on bus)
- Liberty Heights, 1999 (uncredited extra)
- Bubble Boy, 2001 (working girl)
- The Comebacks, 2007 (All-American mom)

TV Work
- World Championship Wrestling, 1999-2001 (Skye/Ms. Hancock/Herself)
- World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment, 2001-2005 (Herself/Super Stacy)
- Dancing with the Stars, 2006 (Herself, contestant)
- George Lopez, 2007 (Lindsay, guest star)
- What About Brian, 2007 (Stephanie, recurring)
- October Road, 2008 (Rory, guest star)
- Samurai Girl, 2008 (Karen)

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