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If you like or any , you may enjoy and all its diverse sub-genres within. Enjoy.


All new Weekly Listening Group Plan Now started!

Week 3 - Download or buy these six sick artists today and play them all this week

Ratings For WLGP - Rate the artists you have downloaded/bought from the Weekly Playlists.!


Welcome to the Slam Death Metal Group (SDMG). SDMG is designed to give all its members a valuable recommendation every day and will help you in developing your taste in and other extreme genres.

Group Charts

In the attempt to get slam back into our top 10 group charts, this series is to gain much audience to lesser to medium known slam bands. For download, to buy and information.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part IV
Part V
Part 6

The Journals
The Slam Death Metal Journals

Official Threads

  1. Official Links Thread
    Official Group Recommendation Thread
    The Official Weekly Listening Group Plan Thread: Part 2
    The Official Polling History
    Explanation of Slam 'Zones'

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