• Artemis Fowl. Disciple. Inhabited. Manafest. Groups!

    13. Jan. 2007, 18:03 von WyrmSlayer

    Seeing that we were sorely lacking, I've created groups for the above....

    Some loyal fans have already gathered themselves under the banner, but I'm drumming up support from those who haven't heard of these wonderful bands\books

    Join up if you love 'em!
  • The Twist Review - Skindred, Kyrb Grinder, Anger Is A Gift, Forever Never

    17. Dez. 2006, 15:28 von Y2Ken

    Concert Review - Skindred @ The Twist, Colchester
    16th December 2006

    Acts: Skindred, Kyrb Grinder, Anger Is A Gift, Forever Never

    Having defied the suggestion from Skindred lead singer Benji Webbe that “Nobody gets out of dis ya pit alive” and made it home early Sunday morning, I now feel obliged to write about the show that has just made my Christmas that little bit better.

    Well, after (far too) much pizza-eating and a longish bus journey down to Colchester, our party of ten walked up to The Twist for an evening of (hopefully) enjoyable music.

    We arrived in the entry hall, and after checking we were all 16+, one of the guys at the door suggested we leave as much as possible in the cloakroom provided, due to the potential heat of the event. We wandered through the door at around 8:20-ish and waited for the first band to come on. They arrived about 9:00, but in the meantime I “used the facilities”, and afterwards as we made our way to the front we were handed flyers for “The Bezerker”, interestingly the band Raminder had gone to see on this very day. Soon enough, however, the music did begin.

    Act 1 - Kyrb Grinder
    Description: Think two black dudes and Jesus.
    Surprisingly awesome. We hadn’t really expected much from the support bands, but the openers, Kyrb Grinder, were particularly excellent. The bassist looked slightly out of place to me but could certainly bassify well. “Jesus” gave some amazing guitar solos on his mysterious and slightly unnerving guitar-without-a-head.
    But the award for greatest-support-band-frontman of the night had to go to the drummer/vocalist. As well as providing some fantastic vocals and charismatic drumming, he also came up with numerous amusing lines, such as “Get this album for 3 quid… give me 6 quid and I’ll give you two…”, “Ooh look, a black man! In Colchester!”, and “The greatest weapon is… your mum”. Also noted for looking at Harpal briefly in a drummer-to-drummer way, and excellent crowd interaction.
    Overall: Fantastic show, great music, 9.

    Act 2 - Anger Is A Gift
    Description: Think Rage Against The Machine fronted by a farmer.
    Not as good as the opening act, slightly more shouty. But they got better as the set went on, even if they did end with a song that went “What does it smell like…” and then the audience had to shout “Chicken!” Odd, but enjoyable. Their bearded, long-haired frontman (possibly another contender for the Jesus-competition) did amuse though, particularly with his “surely-he’s-about-to-fall-over” opening dance, shout of “Do any of you guys like chicken?” and great line (in put-on west country accent) “Come and see me for an album, oi’ve got the beard.” - Overall quite interesting. Also noted for the fact that their number one fan seemed to be in, and he amused himself “respect”-ing the band members and tapping the singer’s knee when he put his foot up on one of the amps.
    Overall: Started slowly but improved significantly, 7.

    Act 3 - Forever Never
    Description: Think Papa Roach’s drummer as a frontman, loudish metal sound.
    They were actually pretty good, with excellent pounding drum beats, three decent guitarists and a strong vocalist. scored very highly on crowd participation. Their main contribution however was to excite the crowd for “the mighty Skindred”. But their music was good, and there was definitely more crowd action than before. They still seemed to be saving their energy for the main event though. I saw the frontman afterwards and told him they had a good show, he said cheers.
    Overall: Got us pumped up for Skindred, 7.5.

    Act 4 - Skindred
    Description: The mighty Skindred. What more can I say.
    After a longish wait and several chants of “Skin-dred!”, the stage fell into darkness and the Star Wars Imperial March began playing. In possibly the best entry ever, the ‘Dred made their way out onto stage and got into position.
    After some flashes of light, they struck up “Bruises” and the show really got underway, the entire crowd in my immediate vicinity just going mental and generally jumping/moshing around. I stepped out of the crowd for a minute to get some shots of Benji (who is actually massive) on my phone before getting into the music.
    As if the opening song hadn’t already set the tone for the show, Benji then told the guys at one side not doing much to “put in some effort”. He then told “all you mother****as on this [my] side to spread the bundle across the area, otherwise it’ll look bad on the video.”
    I won’t describe the whole show but it was fantastic, with numerous highlights, too many indeed to name them all, but I shall mention a few. There was the bit where Benji said “I like songs that start like this” and played some drums on the synth, then said “I also like songs that start like this” and played the intro fade to “Set It Off”. The crowd went mental and he said “What? What did I do?” before they went into the actual song. There was the brief rendition of “Nobody” that they struck up randomly at one point, causing more aggressive moshing for a brief period.
    There was the guy who suddenly flew into me when I wasn’t looking, and I helped him back after exchanging smiles. There was the part where Benji said “Mikey here can kick your ass, doesn’t matter how big you are, he knows Kung Fu, Hoo Doo, Musical F***-up… Show them how you can kick their ass” before he started the “Pressure” riff. There was the point when, partway through “Pressure”, Benji paused to tell us about when he’d first started the band. His neighbour said “turn that music down, I can’t take the pressure” and Benji replied “did you say pressure?” before going into the acoustic version of the song. After a while, he then stopped again and said “My friend said ‘Don’t play it like that, play it like this’…” and they returned to the loud version.
    There was the guy who looked a bit like Avid Merrion who asked me to move so he could jump into the mosh at full speed. There was the emotive performance of “The Fear”, and the upbeat, bouncing “Selector”, and an outstanding rendition of “Tears”. And of course there was the final performance of “Nobody” for the finale when I also decided to go full-tilt into the mass of people and bundle around for a bit. They got an amazing cheer at the end, and it was so great to see them put on such a fantastic show.
    Overall: Amazing, simply amazing, so energetic and enjoyable, 10.

    Following the performance, there was nothing left to do but go home. After I’d bought and drunk two bottles of Ice Valley water to replenish lost fluid from jumping around that is. Thanks to everyone who came, especially Shifto and Harpal for doing the organising, and Shifto’s parents for purchasing the tickets initially.

  • Artemis Fowl New Group!

    9. Dez. 2006, 22:27 von WyrmSlayer

    I was informed by a very reliable source about the lack of an Artemis Fowl group, so I created one for da fans!

    Check it out!

    If you're a fan, feel free to join! :D
  • So, now that I am getting towards 100,000....

    22. Jul. 2006, 9:07 von Bopher1

    I realize that it's sad that I have been here to listen to roughly 97% of the 100k...I think once I get to 100k I will add tags to some of the songs...

    Lostprophets dominate my Top Artists by about 6200 plays over The Offspring. Give It Up has dominated my Top Track forever...

    I also am trying to figure out why Ohio Is For Lovers is still #50 on my tracks.. It hopefully will soon be removed.

    I have listened to 431 tracks more than 100 times. Also, I have more than 100 plays for 88 artists.

    I would like to thank for 200+ of my songs.

    There are tons of artists I blame my sister for importing them to my iTunes. Trace Atkins, Hillary Duff*Cringe* and George Strait.

    I hope to be a part of (Formerly Audioscrobbler) for long time to come.

    If you read this, please comment on anything. If you hate me, say why. If you have a question for me, ask away. If you love me... Call me.