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Hailed by Metal Hammer magazine as 'the trance-metal juggernaught the world has been waiting for' and earning the title of Kerrang! Radio's top unsigned band in April 2008, British septet Silent Descent are well-established as a rising force in the British metal scene.

2012 - Their new album 'MIND GAMES' will be released April 23rd through 'Rising Records UK' and 'JVC/Victor Japan' with the first video from the album 'Psychotic Euphoric' released on 8th March.
It was tracked at Legacy London with Dan Abela and mixed with Pontus Hjelm of the band Dead by April (SWE).
The album has extensive 'revealing' artwork featuring Alt-Model Vikki Blows.

'Duplicity', the band's critically acclaimed 2008 release came as a breath of fresh air to listeners and has rapidly gained popularity in several countries worldwide. With the ethos of an unsigned band, the self-produced album engineered by guitarist Tom Callahan presents both the massive sound of a modern metal record and the raw, edgy excitement of a band entering unchartered territory.

The innovation displayed on their album is only equalled by their inimitable live performance. With strobes, lasers and sheer energy, Silent Descent provide a show that's not only intense and gripping, but also unforgettable.

Silent Descent continue to go from strength to strength. Consistantly breaking boundaries and pushing limits, they are determined to re-establish what constitutes a great metal band.

Their current set of releases include: Silent Descent (EP, 2005), Duplicity (2008)

Current members are: Tom Watling (Vocals), Tom Callahan (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Paul Hurrell (Keyboards/Synth, Backing Vocals), Jaco Oxley (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Kipster (DJ, Samples), Jimmy Huang (Bass), Jerry Sadowski (Drums)

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