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A home for SWU listeners and broadcasters

Formed in 2002 as a forum for the southwest party scene, over the years SWU has evolved to become the premier stop on (the) line for the latest news, reviews, listings, and general creativity flowing from southwest club and music culture.

In 2008 SWU has stepped things up to the next level with an explosion of radio activity. We now have 27 radio shows, running all genres: drum and bass, dubstep, jungle, breaks, house, techno, reggae, idm, gabba and experimental.

In addition to weekly radio show slots, SWU is stoked to be able to bring you live broadcasts (available for download) from some of the best club nights in the area - featuring some of the biggest names on the circuit, and breaking some of the freshest new talent coming through the ranks.

Always on the look out for news, ideas, feedback and contributors there are regular competitions and give aways, as well as the forum facility for finger chat.
Southwest Underground has a simple aim. To support the people and events which have earned the southwest a reputation for quality nights in dance music, and bring information direct to the people who support and make those nights vibe.

SWU Radio Steams 24/7

Listen LIVE
iTunes >> http://southwestunderground.net/swu.m3u
Windows Media Player >> http://southwestunderground.net/swu.m3u
Winamp >> http://southwestunderground.net/listen.pls
Real Player >> http://southwestunderground.net/swu.ram

Full line up of shows in the Radio Schedule on http://www.southwestunderground.net/radiotimes.jpg

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