Your SHINee Rankings

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    Your SHINee Rankings

    Best Singer:
    1. Onew - has the best range, the most control
    2. Key - has the unique sound with a slight raspy undertone I adore
    3. Jonghyun - incredibly powerful voice, but he goes overboard 90% of the time
    4. Minho - doesn't sing often, but has a good voice when he does
    5. Taemin - good voice, but is definitely the weakest and needs backup when soloing

    Best Dancer:
    1, Taemin/Key - I made this one a tie because it's always those two being featured as dancers. Taemin has the popping thing down to a science, and Key can move better than most female dancers I've seen
    2. Onew/Minho/Jonghyun - they're great dancers, but that isn't really their 'thing'

    Best Rapper:
    1. Minho - duh, that's his position in the group
    2. Key - sometimes takes Minho's parts (like when he was recovering from injuries) and is featured in a lot of other artist's songs as a rapper
    3. Taemin - he raps on occasion, he's decent but is more comfortable singing
    4. Onew/Jonghyun - um, no. just... no :P

    Favorite Member:
    1. Key - I am in love with everything about this man, and I do mean everything <3
    2. Onew - he's so cute and such a dork, Onew Sangtae is amazing!
    3. Minho - he's so hot and so innocent at the same time
    4. Taemin - aegyo is adorable, but I feel like a perv since he's so young
    5. Jonghyun - I don't know, but there is just something about him I'm not fond of

    I saw a thread like this for another band I love, so I figured I'd see what fellow SHINee fans thought. My bias is Key, but I tried to be fair with how they ranked (in my opinion).

    What are your thoughts? Agree/Disagree? Show me your lists :)

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    I disagree with your list a bit so I wanna do this too lol 8D

    Best Singer:
    1. Jonghyun/Onew
    - Honestly, I was gonna put Jjong as first but then I started thinking about this more and now I can't decide. Both guys have such different voices, comparing them is difficult.
    Jjong has an extremely powerful voice and his control is really good but he indeed does go overboard a lot. I'm still in love with his voice.
    Onew is an amazing singer as well. He's also more stable live than Jonghyun IMO. Onew has more like a... sweet and gentle voice and I love it.
    I personally prefer Jonghyun's voice, but I think Onew is just as good at singing as Jonghyun. It's just a matter of opinion whose voice I like more.

    2. Key
    - He has an unique and distinct voice, I really like it. He's also good live, you can pretty much always hear him singing clearly in choruses.
    3. Taemin
    - This kid has improved a lot since their debut. I think he's a good singer but his voice is still quite weak.
    4. Minho
    - Well this may be unfair because he almost never sings... From what I've heard he is an ok singer but nothing special imo. I might change my opinion if SM actually gives him singing parts in the future. (I mean parts that are longer than 3 seconds)

    Best Dancer:
    1. Taemin
    - I think he's definitely the best dancer in SHINee. His moves are really smooth and dayum his popping is amazing.
    2. Key
    - Key is almost as good at dancing than Taem imo. He can memorize dance steps really quickly and is overall a great dancer.
    I really can't decide between them. They're pretty much equally good imo.

    Best Rapper:
    1. Minho/Key
    - Once again I can't decide, because they're both very different rappers. Minho has a deep and husky voice while Key's voice is higher.
    I think Minho's flow is better than Key's, but his pronunciation sounds a bit.. unclear sometimes. Ok who am I to say lol I'm not fluent in Korean or anything but idk. I like his voice though.
    Well I think Key's pronunciation is better (especially when he raps in English but that doesn't really matter) BUT his flow could be better.

    2. Jonghyun
    - Judging by the short clips I've heard of him rapping, he isn't bad.
    3. Taemin/Onew
    - Tbh I'm not really liking Taemin's rapping, his voice doesn't suit it. And I have never heard Onew rapping, so I don't know.

    Favorite Member:
    1. Jonghyun
    - I just love everything about this guy. His singing is amazing, I love how he's so passionate about music, his personality is great and he's freaking hilarious, he's damn hot... Just to name a few things.
    2. Key
    - He's such a diva, LOL. I love his personality and like his singing. He's also super funny.
    3. Onew
    - This guy is so random idek. But I love him and his Onew condition, not to mention his love for chicken is ridiculuous but hilarious at the same time. I love his singing too.
    4. Taemin
    - Taem is such a cutie. He's a great dancer and I love how he's so determined and hard-working.
    5. Minho
    - Ok tbh I don't even like Minho that much. NO I don't hate him, not at all, but idk... I just like him less than the other members. He seems like a sweet guy but he's not really my type.

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    • 17. Aug. 2011, 5:46

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    This is cool! I like seeing opinions on the group as a whole and not just one individual.

    Best Singer:
    1. Jonghyun - I agree about him going overboard, but he still sounds good even when he does.
    2. Onew - His voice is soft, and I really like that.
    3. Key - He's so versatile when it comes to singing, and his voice always stands out.
    4. Taemin - His voice can get kind of sexy at times.
    5. Minho - He hardly ever sings, and I believe he said that's because he's not that confident in his voice, but I think he sings pretty good from what little I've heard of him.

    Best Dancer:
    1. Key - I always loved watching Key dance. I think he's better than Taemin at dancing personally.
    2. Taemin - But Taemin's a close second; he's lead dancer for a reason.
    3. Minho - Normally, tall people have a pretty hard time dancing, but Minho's very good.
    4. Jonghyun/Onew - I'd say they're equal.

    Best Rapper:
    1. Minho - I love Minho's deep voice when he raps, but I'll be honest when I say I'm not a rap person.
    2. Key - I love when Key raps, his voice seems to fit rapping well.
    3. Jonghyun - His voice fits pretty good with raps, although he sings little in the rap songs.
    4. Taemin/Onew - I haven't really heard then rapping, especially Onew.

    Favorite Member:
    This is so hard!
    1. Onew - Onew condition is funny, and he's just so adorable. I love his smile and personality. He seems like a real sweet guy.
    2. Key - Love that he's not afraid to dance to girls dances, and he always looks great in the music videos.
    3. Jonghyun - Love his voice, and he's not half bad looking either. He also makes me laugh a lot. I loved his caring attitude in Hello Baby.
    4. Minho - I've always felt sympathetic towards him, mainly because he hardly every sings, so we hardly ever hear him.
    5. Taemin - I'll admit the guy is adorable, but I'll be honest when I say I've never really seen all the appeal everyone else does.

    Is too lazy to put italics.

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    there's no way in hell i can explain my reasoning so i'll just

    singer: jonghyun>onew>key>taemin>minho
    dancer: taemin>key>jonghyun>minho>onew
    rapper: key>minho>taemin>jonghyun>onew i guess
    favourite member: key>jonghyun>taemin>onew+minho

  • Best Singer:

    1: Jonghyun - I fall more and more in love with his voice. His high notes are perfect and his voice is so...swoon worthy. Especially, those adlibs! ;)

    2: Onew - His voice is so sweet and soothing. Very masculine, I love it.

    3: Taemin - His's beautiful!

    4: Key - He's so cute, seriously. Especially, those falsettos!

    5: Minho - Honestly, I wish he would sing more. He has a really nice voice!

    Best Dancer:

    1: Taemin - All that needs to be said. I mean...just look at him <3 His moves are flawless and he has this passion the other members don't have.

    2: Key - He's almost as good as Taemin (just almost). I think he just misses Taemin oppa's passion and energy.

    3: Minho - The more I look, the more I see how great a dancer he is. His moves are a bit off at times but his energy is there. He's charisma, after all, right? ;)

    4: Jonghyun - He keeps getting better and better!

    5: Onew - Well...he says he isn't good but I think he is. He just doesn't dance as well compared to the other members. His moves are off sometimes...but that's about it :)

    Best Rapper:

    1: Minho - Period!!! His raps are perfection and they can really make a huge difference to a song lots of time. Like, I'll love a song just for his rap! His rap in Destination is pure perfect and by far his best rap. Love his rapping!

    2: Key - Saw that coming, right? They're close to tied if I didn't love Minho's voice so much and how rapped more than Key. I just like the way Minho does it more but I have no problems with Key's rapping :)

    3: Jonghyun - Believe it or not. I didn't think he could until I heard Deja Boo!

    4: Taemin - I haven't heard him rap much...but...from what I've heard, he's pretty good :) Like in Real he rapped and I was surprised how good he was.

    5: Onew - Um...I don't think so...sorry, Onew oppa.

    Favorite Member:

    1: Taemin - For reasons I would be here all day with...he's perfect and I have an undying love for him.

    2: Minho - I'll be here all day with him, too ;)

    3: Key - He's so cute and I love his character!

    4: Jonghyun - He's closely tied with Key but Key wins.

    5: Onew - I love you, too, of course! I love them all and this doesn't mean I like any of them less. Understand, Onew oppa! <3

    "Do your best and God will take care of the rest"

    -Lee Taemin
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