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Run For Cover Records is a Boston, MA-based independent record label started in 2004 by Jeff Casazza. With an ever-growing roster of rising bands, Run For Cover has quickly garnered a reputation as one of independent music's most consistent labels.

At its roots, Run For Cover began as a hardcore label with a focus on finding and releasing great music from around the country. Casazza has expanded to include a diverse mix of styles reflecting the growing tastes and outpouring of talent in the modern independent music scene; all with an enduring commitment to the DIY ethos the label was founded on.

In only a few short years, the label has worked with some of the punk community's most interesting and exciting musicians, helping them release acclaimed albums and tour the world over. With nearly 40 releases to date, the label’s ever-expanding roster is home to an eclectic mix of pop-punk, post-hardcore, indie-rock, folk and hip-hop. Boasting a hardworking, active collection of bands and a desire to bring meaningful music to the independent community, Run For Cover is destined to be an important part of underground music for years to come.

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