Roulé records

    • [Gelöschter Benutzer] schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 15. Sep. 2009, 19:51

    Roulé records

    Do you got any Roulé records? Tell us.

    • MrT1ki schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 28. Sep. 2009, 19:22
    on vinly i have:
    Together - Together
    Together - So Much love To Give
    Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Remixé)
    Bangalter - Outrun
    and i have a promo of Bangalter and DJ Falcon's - Call On Me, which isn't roule cuz it's a promo.

    french house dj ftw.

  • I wish, but no record stores that sell any kind of electronic music on vinyl

    • Orbtastic schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 27. Jul. 2011, 13:11
    Everything (!) on vinyl plus the one on Scratché.

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