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    Anybody out there watching or seen Extras?

  • I have seen them all and think its great. Not as good as The Office (what is, though) but it is a different kind of show and as funny and clever as pretty much anything around at the moment.

    The dvds out Oct 31st too! Amazon here I come....

  • I can't wait to buy it. I've had a surprisingly high-quality cable rip for about a month now from a guy in London. Top notch. He probably works at the Beeb.

    Anyway, the extras on the DVD should be pretty good. I can't wait to see more from our lovely Ashley Jensen.

  • She is indeed tasty. And the DVDs out tommorow now. Good things come etc. etc...

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    • 5. Okt. 2006, 21:09

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    • GeorgeMC schrieb...
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    • 11. Okt. 2006, 17:30
    It's one of the highlights of my week

    • Doggins schrieb...
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    • 5. Jan. 2007, 10:32
    I love extras... it took a few episodes to get into but it's great

  • I love Extras so much. The Daniel Radcliffe episode WAS my introduction to the show (and what a great one to start with), but yeah...the entire series is hilarious and excellent...I absolutely love it :) I hope it does continue with a third season, as I know Ricky Gervais' "thing" about only doing two seasons per series ;)

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    • 6. Apr. 2007, 9:23
    I've only seen first two episodes and although they are great, they just can't compete with the office. nothing can.

  • Seen the second series and especially loved the two with Ian McKellen and David Bowie.

    One of the times I've laughed the hardest in my life is when he was in the pub, and after meeting some dillusional fan he described his appearance as looking like something out of The Hills Have Eyes :D

    • BS1der schrieb...
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    • 19. Apr. 2007, 9:05
    'Extras' is pretty cool. Not as good as 'The Office', though.

    There will be a Christmas Special for 'Extras' btw.

  • i've got the first season on dvd and downloaded the second one. yep, watched all 12 episodes. i tend not to compare it with the office since i belive the two touch upon the very same issue in dissimilar disguises. Presentation-wise The Office feeds on reality shows while Extras focus on films, more broadly fiction. But both shows elaborate on the filmic medium and the onscreen persona vs offscreen one (with great amount of stress on the merging of fact and fiction) How much of David's behaviour is the outcome of the presence of the camera? How textualized is Kate Winslet while her "extras" self can bear significant similarities with her "real" self.

    Rick Gervais is the most serious comedian i've had the privilege to be exposed to.

  • I think Extras is amazing! I won't compare it to The Office though: both are brilliant in their own way, but I think I like Extras even more. I'll admit though, it's depressing to watch at times, especially the series finale. Anyway, absolutely brilliant, one of my favourite shows of all time... could watch it over and over... and obviously I could go on and on about it. X3

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