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Gegründet am: 18. Aug. 2006
El grupo oficial de República Dominicana!

Buenos días amigos y amigas...

El grupo oficial de República Dominicana!

Here we go - It's the first real group for all humans who [used to] live in DR or who just feel linked with this beautiful country in the Caribbean.

It's a base for current discussions in English or Spanish, collecting Dominican music-tastes and news about the DR.
It's also supposed to show some kind of Dominican "Radio Charts" to reflect the musical vibes of the last weeks.
So come and join this group!

Here's a brief Information about the Dominican Republic:
República Dominicana
Motto: Spanish: Dios, Patria, Libertad
(English: God, Fatherland, Liberty)
Anthem: Quisqueyanos valientes
Capital: Santo Domingo
18°30′N 69°59′W
Largest city: Santo Domingo
Official language(s): Spanish
Government: Republic
- President: Leonel Fernández
Independence from Haiti
- Date: 27 February 1844
Population: est. 8,800,000
Currency: Peso (DOP)
Internet TLD: .do

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