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The Record Union Last FM group!

What we do

Record Union is an online digital distribution service aimed at supporting independent artists around the world by helping them sell their music online. We distribute music to a diverse range of online stores and streaming services and enable artists to reach over approximately 95% of the global market. Record Union is a fully online service, where artists are welcome to upload and distribute their music straight from our homepage. We will make sure it reaches a global marketplace

Our values

We believe that everybody has the right to an audience, and want to use the new possibilities presented in a changing music environment to make the music industry a better place for artists. We believe in diversity, creative freedom and self determination.

Our mission

We appreciate that there is lots of great music out there which has not had the chance to a fair listenership, and see it as our duty to make this music available to listeners around the world. We believe democratizing the access to distribution will benefit both artists and listeners alike.

Our friendly pug 'Hefner' can tell you more HERE and via the Dog Blog

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