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Everyone who loves Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses!!!

Ray Ban Sunglasses have a magical way of surviving fashion storms ever since they came into being in the early 1930s. Ray ban Club master sunglasses are among the most far-famed types of Ray ban designs. Perhaps, you remember the iconic portrait of Malcolm X in them. But, they became more popularized by the 1950s rock stars, and hence the name "Club master". Today, the newest versions of the same are a must-have sun wear accessory for most fashion extremists and celebrities. They have distinctive way of bringing a classic sensation to any wearer since they still possess that "back in the days" authenticity.

Famous wearers:
- Tom Hanks (Catch Me If You Can)
- Jack Coleman (Heroes)
- Noel Gallagher
- Kevin Costner (JFK)
- Jeff Goldblum
- Malcolm X
- Ralf Hütter
- Morrissey
- Mr. Orange (Reservoir Dogs)
- Harland Sanders
- Christopher Walken (Blast from the Past)
- Matt Damon (The Good Shepherd)

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