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A group dedicated to red & anarchist black metal (RABM) music.


RABM is a black metal movement that is standing up against the so-called, contradictory nationalsocialist "black metal", that is not a subgenre but a far-right racist/nazi pseudo-movement.

RABM is an acronym of red and anarchist black metal, a reference to the RASH, red and anarchist skinheads movement, an antifascist, antiracist skinhead movement founded in 1993 (Same year that the first RABM band was formed)

Anarchism in black metal can be traced back in the late 80s (Mayhem, Reencarnación), but the first explicit satanic antifascist, communist (and anarcho-friendly) lyrics in black metal were written by Profecium (an Argentinian band formed in 1993) in their Socialismo Satánico (Satanic socialism) album. Since then, anarcho crust bands have become more interested in black metal, creating a new wave of anarchist black metal bands with crust influence. Today, bands like Iskra, Jarost Marksa, Panopticon, The Dead Musician, Sorgsvart, Mrakobesie, Wolves in the Throne Room and many more have made metalheads become more aware that there is an antinazi black metal scene standing against any fascist right wing scum.

About this group
This group is for everyone who has no problems with the left-wing ideology in . Since Communistic Black Metal is obviously a joke group, and I'm trying to keep all the communist stuff out of Anarchist Black Metal (as the name suggests, that group is only for anarcho-black metal), We have decided to create this unified group for all left-wing (communist, socialist, anarchocommunist, anarcho, etc.) black metal bands.

All the discussions are open to everyone, we accept any comments as long as they're meaningful, at least a little intelligent, and don't look like coprolalia. Simple, really.

* Red & Anarchist Black Metal blog
* RABM Forum
* Red Meta blog
* Язычество против фашизма (pagans against fascism)
* Red & Anarchist Black Metal spanish blog (outdated)
* RABM group on Facebook
* RABM fanpage Facebook
* Black Metal Anarchists @ myspace
* Vkontakte.ru RABM group (requires registration)

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I was disgusted by the amount of racism, nationalism and worship of authoritarian rule lyrically occurs in modern black metal. I am a great supporter of the freedom of speech so it's not like I want to National Socialist Black Metal illegal or anything like that but I think it's really sad. Most of these people do not really politically identify with this ideology anyways, they may like some aspects of it but overall they frequently embrace it because they think it is something old, something noble, something extreme, a form of rebellion against their surroundings - I am not entirely sure, I don't have much contact to these people, luckily. So I thought it was time to do something about this imbalance in black metal by introducing a band which openly labels itself as "communist black metal". - Antoine of Jarost Marksa

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