What? Punk? What`s that?

  • What? Punk? What`s that?

    I`m into Punk for more than 15 years now and I sure have my own opinion about what Punk is. But over the years , of course, I have met lots of people with different ideas about it, most of them kind of boring and annoying. Come on, there is more to it than drinking, flipping your finger in everybody`s face and wearing a leatherjacket with "Ramones" tagged on it.
    So light a cigarette, open a beer (or not if you`re straight edge), sit back and give me your mind-crap...

    • Ckarlaaa schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 28. Feb. 2009, 21:44
    you can learn who is punk in punk manifest for Greg Griffin, the Bad Religion vocalist for example, but if you're punk since 15 years, you should know what is punkkk

  • I freaking know what punk is...to me. But the next guy may have an entire different opinion. And one part of punk is, that I donot want to learn what it is via a manifesto or anything...
    But thanx anyway.

  • Well know it`s 2011 ...

    to me punk is not about which music you are listening to,
    not about your jacket,
    your hairs,
    eating or not eating meat,
    drinking or not drinking,
    even not about provocation.

    To me punk is to say "No" to something,
    it`s to try to refuse the common options
    how society wants you to be
    or what is normal
    and try to reach some alternatives.

    so for me punk is political,
    it`s about refusal on the one,
    and new horizons and alternatives on the other hand.

    Therefore to me it includes the largest possible tolerance
    to all other forms of lifestyles.

    But also a clear personal and political statement.
    Not those "punkx skins united", "we all drink beer" and
    "no matter if there are nazi punx" ...shit.

    btw. to all young punx
    the problem with the "live fast die young attitude" is,
    that if you are drunk all day,
    this is what the rest of your life will be,
    refusal is only the first step...
    Without creating moments of hope and alternatives,
    you`ll have a personal problem, if you`ll get older.
    And you probably will.

    As leary stated:
    think for yourselves, question authorities.

    stay punk

    "Jetzt inhaltlich: Meiner Meinung nach kann man die komplette sogenannte Kapitalismuskritik von rechts,
    also die Kritik an Heuschrecken, Ruf nach einem nationalen Protektionismus etc, auf den selten dummen Satz: "als Deutscher steht es mir zu, von einem Deutschen ausgebeutet zu werden" reduzieren." (Das Känguru Manifest)
    Remember Caturday >^..^< --- punk traditionalists
  • Hello. Instead of the beer I shall drink my coffe to honor your health.

    Well, maybe punk-being is definitive, for I developped the white crow theory : you meet a person, he seems normal, even very very normal, and indeed he is a dangerous anarchist. Ha ha ha !

    Indeed I listen to quiet cold wave, I seem to be ultra-different from the punks, but anyway I remain firmly on my ideas about democracy, tyranny, capitalism.
    And I still have terrible allergy when seeing a skinhead (not redskins, I do not really know). It could even wake me up at night fighting in the bed, but now it makes a lot of years I did not see any of these people.
    Also terrible allergy in front of advertising, in front of a commercial product full of colors, in front of politician on TV, in front of people telling all the SAME thing after a film or a report with propaganda. I destroy systematically any ethanol-containig product I encounter on my path, and I fight inter-human slavery the best my light personal opportunities permit to me.

    Jail & work for professional war-profiters disorder-makers misery-eaters straight now ! I am sure Peace is absolute compulsory priority ever. And happy to see most persons here answered appearance lays under sense's or action's feet.


    • [Gelöschter Benutzer] schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 13. Dez. 2011, 19:45
    defiance,sing our love, rage, hope and failure of conforming and fitting in easily to unite, enjoy ourselves, defy together & create something amazing that inspires people around the world
    just an idea

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