Thanks, Baby G.

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    • 6. Jan. 2007, 5:10

    Thanks, Baby G.

    I had three noteworthy additions to my collection, thanks to St. Nick - The Beatles, "Love"; The Yardbirds, "The BBC Sessions"; and the ultra-trippy "The Zodiac - Cosmic Sounds."

    "Love," is a compilation of Beatles tracks that were born from the minds of George Harrison and Cirque du Solei founder Guy Laliberté. But unlike other packaged Beatles collections, "Love" is gapless, continuous play, and in some cases, remixed. All of the sound on the album is from original Beatles master recordings, sparing a string section.

    Beatles producer George Martin was selected to produce the compilation, in association with Cirque production staff. George selected his son Giles to assist. Being that it's the Beatles we're talking about, and like most people on this planet, and many that have passed, I'm a fan, I was expecting to enjoy it, but not for it to be what I now consider to be a timeless masterpiece.

    If you love the Yardbirds, "The BBC Sessions" is a must addition to your collection. The music is of course top-notch, and the bit spots of BBC commentators, including memorable quips from their appearances on Top of the Pops adds a bit of nostalgia.

    "Zodiac - Cosmic Sounds" is a strange trip through the mind of Cyrus Faryar. Comprising twelve gapless tracks, one named for each zodiac sign, it features some great psych and what the liner notes say is the first moog to be used in a commercial title. I'm not a fan of spoken word, but Faryar's Morrison-esque intonation ads a bit of comedy - luckily the music more than carries this production.

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