Sorry Monsters, I Have To Grow

  • Sorry Monsters, I Have To Grow

    A Journey Down the Well's new album is called Sorry Monsters, I Have To Grow. According to their record label Fluttery Records website the release date of the album is January 07 2009. I read that it has arrived to stores.

    Here are the links:

    CDBaby (CD & Digital)
    Kunaki (CD Only)
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    AmazonMP3 (Digital)

    I am forwarding the album review in Fluttery Records page:

    A Journey Down The Well are known for their unique style, using classical instruments to create a special sound which flirts with rock, ambient and experimentalism. “Sorry Monsters, I Have To Grow” is their second station on their journey; the strings create a smoky and haunting downtempo ambience with the piano; lyrical songs wink poetry.

    The band was also backed by the members of Strandvägen Choir in the recording process. “Working with a choir has made a powerful impact, I can’t imagine ‘Sugarman’ and ‘Sorry Monster, I Have To Grow’ without their parts” remarks cellist Martin Bjelfvenstam. According to the band members the album is about brutal wars, oppression of personality and trying to grow as a human being while leaving all the unnecessary fears behind; “Despite the bombs, despite the guns, despite people building prisons for themselves and others.” Taner Torun adds.

    According to Anna Erneman, their contemporary classical influences move one step ahead in this album. “We are inspired by many elements. The chilly sound of post-punk, eye openers like A Silver Mt. Zion and Godspeed You Black Emperor; Brian Eno and many others... But in this album our sound, with hints of contemporary classical composers like Arvo Pärt, Richard Einhorn and Henryk Gorecki, is dominant.”

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