Your Favorite Producers of All Time?

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    • Benutzer
    • 11. Feb. 2009, 1:52

    Your Favorite Producers of All Time?

    These guys have produced my favorite beats of all time.
    I was only gonna list 20 and then 25, and then I found I could keep on going... I just felt like adding a few of my favorite tracks produced by them too..

    1. The Runners (Curren$y - Where Da Cash At, Rick Ross - Hustlin', Trick Daddy - Bet That)

    2. Swizz Beatz (Memphis Bleek - It's Like That, Remy Ma - Whatever, Smitty - Diamonds on My Neck)

    3. Dr. Dre (Eminem - My Name Is, Papoose - Drop It, Busta Rhymes - Break Ya Neck)

    4. Timbaland - (Ludacris - Rollout, Timbaland & Magoo - Drop, Jay-Z - Dirf Off Your Shoulder)

    5. Just Blaze (Freeway - What We Do, Lil' Wayne - Mr. Carter, Juelz Santana - The Second Coming)

    6. Kanye West
    7. Polow Da Don
    8. Scott Storch
    9. The Neptunes/Pharrell
    10. Cool & Dre
    11. David Banner
    12. Mannie Fresh
    13. DJ Premier
    14. DJ Toomp
    15. DJ Scratch
    16. J.R. Rotem
    16. The Alchemist
    17. Heatmakerz
    18. Jazze Pha
    19. The Hitmen/Puff Daddy
    20. Nitti
    21. Lil Jon
    22. Neo Da Matrix
    23. Red Spyda
    24. 9th Wonder
    25. Pete Rock
    26. Don Cannon
    27. DJ Hi-Tek
    28. Daz Dillinger
    29. Nottz
    30. Rick Rock

    Honorable Mentions:
    Drumma Boy
    J Dilla

    I've heard J Dilla is good, but reserving judgement for his ranking until I hear Donuts.

  • Oh come on! Really, the Runners #1? Swizzy is a decent producer but my two fav's from him would be Money In The Bank, and Eve's Tamborine. Timbaland - meh... good but not that good. He's over-rated.
    I'm quite feeling RedOne's beats right now. He's making his mark, just like Timbo did, and he's got his fingers in a lot of today's pop hits.

    For me though, Polow would have to be number one, of course! :D

    • S-Kayos schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 11. Feb. 2009, 21:46
    Seems to me like you've only heard new 2000s stuff from Swizzy and Timbaland (Top Down is a lot better than Money In the Bank by the way :P), but they've been around for years. Swizzy produced stuff for 2Pac and B.I.G., and Timbaland produced stuff for Aaliyah BEFORE she died. That's one reason why they top my list, they've been consistent for years and years (Swizzy since 1998, Timbo since 1993) and I've been hearin' hits from them for a looong time.

    Now, not to say Polow isn't better, but since he's only been around since 2005 basically I just gotta hear a lot more of his stuff before I put him in my top 5 :P

    and I feel bad I didnt know who RedOne was until I looked him up =/

  • My absolute favorite producers are:
    Bloodshy & Avant - they may not be all hip-hop and rnb, but every track they make is distinctively radiating with high quality, multilayered productions.. not to mention they are criminally underrated. Anyways if I got a whole discography of their productions in my group, so check it out if you're interested.

    My list changes everyday but my other favorites at the moment are:
    Danja - sleek and sexy. Absolutely delicious beats, especially for Blackout
    Bangladesh - really unique beats and percussions, but he's hit & miss
    Klas Ahlund - his stuff for Robyn is top notch!
    Neptunes - listen to Grindin'. That is all.
    Polow da Don - can I say GREAT use of sirens? :P and bass
    Sean Garrett - he's got great rhythm, but his style is REALLY light. But when he collaborates with other producers, thats when he's on fire.
    Swizz Beatz
    Tricky/The Dream - great use of bass! and hooks! (can we say ella ella ella.... eh eh eh?)
    Richard X
    Dr. Dre

    Some that I sort of like are:
    Timbaland - he's got a GREAT archive of sound files; too bad he's slacking nowadays
    RedOne - except he recycle his beats like he doesn't care anymore
    Lil Jon - also recycles his beats + lack of originality
    JR Rotem - except he shits his name all over the track + overuse of blow horns
    Stuart Price - standard pop/dance disco tracks. good to get stuck in your head but nothing to get excited about.

    Some that I don't like are:
    Darkchild - only decent song he made was What About Us?; I don't get his hype at all
    David Guetta - his beats are so annoying. He's ruining Rnb by turning all of my favorite ladies into Euro cheesemongers

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