My thoughts on each playground tool.

  • My thoughts on each playground tool.

    The Event Map looks like a visual version of the Events tool. And, that's it. I would use the latter more than the former any day.

    Steerable Recommendations is something I can do on any artist page to find relevant tags, and from there dig out similar artists. It's not so remarkably useful, but I can see why people might look at it as faster.

    Soulmates sounds fun, but doesn't seem to be distinguishable from Neighbors, unless you use advanced options. In adv. options, I like the idea that if you typed in all your favorite artists, might find an exact match, but depending on how eclectic your tastes are, the Soulmates aren't really "into" them, but may actually have less than a hundred plays. For example, my exact tastes have hip hop, metalcore, and acoustic/powerpop. But if for Soulmates to work, you must stick to a comparatively narrow set of genres, wouldn't you use Neighbors for that anyway, and doesn't that defeat the purpose of a soulmate?

    I found the multi-tag search to be incredibly useful, even more so than the Recommendations tool. I could find more relevant artists faster. In fact, I might just bookmark the page right now.

    I completely ignored the Similar Groups tool after reading the description. The thing with groups is, once you find a group, more often than not the similar groups will be inactive and underpopulated. Groups are hard to maintain on a site like, and once a new group already has large competition, they don't strive to make their own group better, and will instead just join the already created group.

    Most Unwanted Scrobbles wasn't too interesting. After looking at the results, you can tell that the most unwanted scrobbles will be globally popular songs. The more popular a song is, the wider its outreach, and the higher the number of people that dislike it will be. It's nothing significant to me, and I wouldn't look at it again.

    Artist Name Variations wasn't interesting nor useful to me. When you type in an artist, you'll find really chunky variations of a name, almost making it like a url. I wouldn't look at it again.

    The Islands tool looks so interesting, and was the first one I tried out. I would like to see this expand, and become less MS Paint-y.

    All in all, I love the idea of trying out new ideas, and allowing the community to put in our two cents. It really puts into perspective how fast this website is growing and maturing, and it is certainly not going to slow down any time soon.

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