Pink Tank Manifesto

  • Pink Tank Manifesto

    What do punk and hardcore mean nowadays? As Friends Rust once sang it was „more than just music, it's a hairstyle“. This could be so funny if it wasn't so goddamn true. Fashioncore unfortunately never was a joke. Our beloved counterculture has become just another fad...

    Well some might say that is just what punk was invented for by Malcom McLaren back in the days when he casted the Sex Pistols and of course they are right but that is not our punk or at least our punk is about more than that. It is about the political approach of The Crass and The Dead Kennedys as well as the artsy stuff of ten thousand new wave bands. Punk is energy, ambition and immediateness. It is unhinging this whole fucking world. It is politics, it is art, it is life.

    So many bands that are called punk or hardcore just try to sound like dozens of them have sounded before. In the 80's sounding like the Cro-Mags was an amazing kick in the face but today it is just folklore, it is classic rock radio bullshit. To represent reality the artists' art must change when reality is changing. And hey, this is not the 80's anymore. Even the 90's have passed. Try something new, fucker!

    Punk and hardcore for us are not certain music styles, they are a way of thinking, a way of life. So many hip hop or electro acts are so much more punk than all of your crappy Turbojugend house bands, Hatebreed clones and bad death metal rip offs. Is it punk to demand 15€ for a hardcore show? Is it punk to sell t-shirts for 20€? No it is not and it will take a damn lot of inflation until it might be...

    „Unpolitisch macht hirntot“ (unpolitical makes braindead) was a song by Psychisch Instabil in the 90's offending the rampanting OI! Plague in the hc/punk scene and they were so right. But today? How many hardcore kids are politically active or take part in demonstrations and stuff at least? Who will defend your local squatted concert place when it will be evicted? Me? You? Let's all hope the police and gouvernment officials will never find out how weak we are...

    The pink tank army and are just our personal little stepstones on the yellow brick road to a better future. Our tiny fists against all the butterfly skulls, the eight balls, the polar stars and bad, bad music that is called punk or hardcore in these days. Life is too short for boring music and it is far too beautiful to pass it in apathy. Let's all move our minds and asses. There is so much more we could achieve. Start today!

    We want the soundtrack to revolution!
    We want the revolution itself!
    We want to revolt!
    Join the army!

    tyler durden was right
    • Chumalaka schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 8. Mär. 2009, 18:57

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