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It's the same old song...

Peter Tägtgren (born June 3, 1970) is a Swedish musician. He is the founder, main composer, lead singer, and guitarist of the death metal band Hypocrisy. Although Hypocrisy is his main band, he has also works/worked on many other Swedish metal projects. These include Pain (industrial metal), for which he performs all instruments and vocals and composes all songs, Lock Up (grindcore/death metal), where he executed the vocals, The Abyss (black metal), where he performed drums, bass and vocals, and Bloodbath (death metal), also with him on vocals. He also appeared as a live guitarist for the bands Marduk and E-Type.

Additionally, Peter Tägtgren is a renowned record producer in his own The Abyss studios, mixing and editing bands from all over Scandinavia, including Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Children of Bodom, Skyfire, God Among Insects, and so on...

* Bloodbath - Nightmares Made Flesh (vocals)
* Edge of Sanity - Infernal (lead guitar on one track)
* Hypocrisy - Abducted (guitar, vocals)
* Hypocrisy - Catch 22 (guitar, vocals)
* Hypocrisy - Catch 22 (v2.0.0.8) (guitar, vocals)
* Hypocrisy - Hypocrisy (guitar, vocals)
* Hypocrisy - Into the Abyss (guitar, vocals)
* Hypocrisy - Osculum Obscenum (guitar)
* Hypocrisy - Penetralia (vocals, drums, guitar)
* Hypocrisy - The Arrival (guitar, vocals)
* Hypocrisy - The Final Chapter (guitar, vocals)
* Hypocrisy - The Fourth Dimension (guitar, vocals)
* Hypocrisy - Virus (guitar, vocals)
* Hypocrisy - A Taste Of Extreme Divinity
* Lock Up - Pleasures Pave Sewers (vocals)
* Pain - Cynic Paradise (vocals, all instruments)
* Pain - Psalms of Extinction (vocals, all instruments)
* Pain - Dancing with the Dead (vocals, all instruments)
* Pain - "Live Is Overrated" (DVD)
* Pain - Nothing Remains the Same (vocals, all instruments)
* Pain - Pain (vocals, all instruments)
* Pain - Rebirth (vocals, all instruments)
* The Abyss - Summon the Beast (vocals, drums, bass)
* The Abyss - The Other Side (vocals, drums, bass)
* Therion - A'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming (producer, guitar, grand piano)

While he was recording the "Dancing with Dead" Album for Pain his heart suddenly stopped for some minutes. He was very inspired of this near-death-experience.

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