People who used to only listen to one genre, who will now listen to anything, who…

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Let us vow never to write off a band because of a label someone has given them.
Let us vow to help spiders on their way and not to squish them with a magazine..

For people who grew up only listening to a small number of bands in one genre who have since seen the error of their ways and realised how many great bands and albums they missed out on and when they see a spider inside the house they always try and catch it and take it outside no matter how big and scary looking it might be(my favoured technique is to use a glass and a bit of paper but i have to make sure i clean it properly because it makes me feel a little icky)
*i originally started this group as a place for people to share their favourite artists regardless of genre, and not killing spiders implies a certain tweeness to the human spirit that i actively search out in people, caring isn't creepy.

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