Paramore shines Brighter.

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Paramore shines BRIGHTER
This is a group for all fans or friends of Paramore.
Paramore is a band with a strong community behind them, this is the place to discuss, share and increase your...

Paramore is a Alternative Rock band consisting of 3 official members.

Jeremy Davis - bass guitar, Taylor York - lead guitar, and Hayley Williams - vocals.

Paramore was formed in 2004 by its founding members, Josh Farro, Zac Farro, Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis & Jason Bynum. Since then Paramore has embarked on extensive touring worldwide and have achieved massive commercial success and an ever increasing fan base.

Paramore have released 3 studio albums to date;

All We Know Is Falling released in 2005, produced by James Wisner & Mike Green.

RIOT! released in 2007, produced by David Bendeth, John Janick & Philip Schofield.

brand new eyes released in 2009, poduced by Rob Cavallo.

Extended Plays;

The Summer Tic EP released in 2006.

2010 Summer Tour EP released in 2010.

The Only Exception released in 2010, poduced by Rob Cavallo.

Singles Club released in 2011, poduced by Rob Cavallo.

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