• Egzegeza europejskiego puklerza

    25. Jul. 2015, 8:59 von YesterdaysRain

    Nic nie poradzę na to,
    Że Europa to nasz drugi tato
    Wojowniku Poprawności,
    Na widok targanej przez Ciebie Europy świętości,
    Dostaje palpitacji i ogromnych mdłości
    Ośmieszasz Europę mówiąc w jej imieniu,
    Winien jesteś zjeść tuzin twardych kamieniów,
    Ty stawiasz znak równości
    Pomiędzy Unią i Europą,
    Nie widząc w tym żadnych nieścisłości,
    Emanujesz ino głupotą
  • Jak nie wiesz co robić, licz deltę {czarymary 1.0}

    19. Jul. 2015, 20:57 von YesterdaysRain

    Zaczęli niepozornie - od wolnego handlu
    By gwałtem wcielać do Eurolandu
    Suwerena niesłusznie opluwają -
    Swoją koncepcję państwa narzucają
    Biją po głowie Pałą Poprawności
    Wolną miłością gruchoczą kości
    Odrosty marksizmu są już w gotowości
    Oni wyrzekli się Przeszłości
    Oni wyrzekli się Przeszłości
    Gender to nauka - trąbią w niebogłosy
    Uczciwym ludziom dęba stają włosy
    MetallicaLana Del ReyRadioheadMuse

    23. Jan. 2015, 20:28 von YesterdaysRain

    Kiedy Marks z Engelsem
    Manifest pisali
    Niejedną flaszę wódki
    To, wszak, tłumaczy,
    dlaczego stronice tegoż "Dzieła"
    nie są aprobowane przez Badacza,
    za to lud chętnie z nich korzysta
    podczas wizytacji SR A C Z A!
    Ów Manifest -
    fasetowany, niczym kamień drogocenny,
    dziś jest przyczyną świata

    22. Jan. 2015, 0:31 von YesterdaysRain

    Każdy był kiedyś socjalistą
    Będąc w podstawówce żem tego liznął -
    Był to smak cierpki z kloacznym polotem...
    Nigdy nie będę socjalistą z powrotem!
    Socjalizm jest historii klamotem -
    Dziś lirycznie besztam go z błotem
    Skończ udawać Donkiszota -
    Socjalizm - głupoty zygota!

    Katy Perry
    Rise Against
    Lana Del Rey
  • Makine's album fully streamable

    10. Jun. 2010, 9:06 von Gezzaia

    Turkish band Makine's eponymous album (Makine) is finally available on Besides being fully streamable, six tracks can be listened on demand as featured tracks on the artist page. The label Mancinik is willing to cycle through the album to feature other tracks according to demand.

    Happy listening... :)
  • Pokemon VS Death Star

    14. Jan. 2010, 16:03 von Regdot

    It is after the wake of the Battle of Endor. The rebellion's bid for victory against the Death Star II has failed. Ackbar's fleet has been crushed. Luke Skywalker's fate is unknown. The Rebellion has, for all practical purposes, been broken. Palpantine's Empire is stronger than ever. Endor has been turned into a fortress, with the fully operational DS II floating above it, escorted by not only the Executor, but a full fleet of ISDs and support craft.

    You are a Pokemon trainer and a rebel sympathizer. At your disposal is a high number (but not infinite - let's say... upper tens of thousands) of pokeballs of every pokemon in the pokedex.

    Your task is to destroy the Death Star II, the fleet surrounding it, and definitively kill Palpantine once and for all.

    For the purposes of your mission, we will invoke the WYSIWYG rule. As in, since Blastoise was seen to have leveled an entire hill in one of the episodes, we can assume that his blast is in the high-hundred-megajoules range in terms of power output. Scale the rest of the Pokemon's accordingly. As long as there is text/numbers in the Pokedex to back up your quantification of a particular pokemon's power (Magcargo really DOES radiate heat constantly in the range of 18,000F) What is your plan?

    Star Wars
  • Regdot's Top 10 Thrash Metal albums.

    23. Feb. 2010, 16:29 von Regdot


    Megadeth - Rust in Peace


    Metallica - Kill 'em All


    Coroner - No More Color


    Overkill- Taking Over


    Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare


    Testament - The Legacy


    Exodus - Bonded by Blood


    Metallica - Ride the Lightning


    Forbidden - Twisted into Form


    Toxik - World Circus

    Honourable Mentions:
    Slayer - Hell Awaits
    Slayer - Reign in Blood
    Coroner - Mental Vortex
    Metallica - Master of Puppets
    Anthrax - Spreading the Disease
    Overkill - The Years of Decay
    Kreator - Extreme Aggression
    Kreator - Coma of Souls
    Death Angel - The Ultra-Violence
    Sodom - Agent Orange
    Sodom - Persecution Mania
    Destruction - Eternal Devastation
    Destruction - Release from Agony
    Dark Angel - Darkness Descends
    Sepultura - Beneath the Remains
    Sepultura - Arise
    Artillery - Terror Squad
    Artillery - By Inheritance
    Heathen - Victims of Deception
    Voivod - War and Pain
    Annihilator - Alice in Hell
    Nuclear Assault - Survive
    Nuclear Assault - Game Over
    Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death
    Exodus - Tempo of the Damned
    Rigor Mortis - Rigor Mortis
  • First clip of Makine is out

    9. Dez. 2009, 9:55 von Gezzaia

    Here: Üzgün

    Hopefully there will be another version soon with higher resolution.

    Band page: Makine
    band fan page on Makine
  • Possible solution to many artists with the same name problem?

    28. Dez. 2008, 23:36 von SeedSnatcher

    Now, my knowledge of coding is very basic, so bear with me if this is difficult.

    For many artists with the same name, could maintain multiple pages. One for each.
    Now, how to differentiate?
    This will take effort from the community, but I was thinking that songs could be categorized under a disambiguation page until a bunch of people confirm which artist they're by.

    For example, I listen to a song tagged Rain. Let's say this song hasn't been categorized yet. Then I could click it in my profile to go to a page labeled Rain (disambiguation). Then I would vote for which Rain said song is by. Let's say I pick . Well if a bunch of people agree, then in the future it will scrobble it under 비. For everyone.

    It's probably not perfect, so please comment with your thoughts. And some way to suggest this to staff. =P

    And comment with other artists of this nature if you'd like. I'll add them to the list below.

    Other multiple identity artists:
    Iron Maiden
    Racer X
    James Murphy
    Jeff Martin
    Catch 22
    Ring of Fire
    Deep Forest
    Pretty Boy Floyd
  • Review on Bear McCreary's "Battlestar Galactica: Season 2"

    7. Sep. 2007, 9:00 von Gezzaia

    This review is not by me and it's even more than one year old, but it is excellently written and if it makes just one or two more people listen to this great soundtrack the better...

    So I present you Paul Schultz' review on Battlestar Galactica: Season 2: (the original link)

    Bear McCreary, "Battlestar Galactica: Season 2" Soundtrack
    Music Review by Paul Schultz
    Published: July 9, 2006

    Collecting the very best musical moments from the second season of the Sci Fi Channel's daring re-imagining of the late 1970's series Battlestar Galactica, this soundtrack delivers a rich score that covers vast emotional territory. The young Bear McCreary builds upon his accomplishments from the previous season to scale new heights with this impressive mix that works well on its own, apart from the visuals it was geared toward.

    The packaging includes an eight-page color booklet featuring scenes from the year's offerings, plus liner notes from Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore and composer McCreary. Both are quite informative as far as revealing the difficulties and struggles inherent in producing a weekly series. McCreary relates an encounter with Stu Phillips, who composed the original theme music over twenty-five years ago, along with memories more bittersweet: "(The fourth track) was performed by the Supernova String Quartet, led by a talented young violinist, Ludwig Girland. Tragically, within a month of this recording, his car was struck by a drunk driver, leaving him in a coma, from which he has yet to awaken... The original title for this piece was 'Saying Goodbye,' which no musician who ever worked with Ludwig is ready to do. Watching 'The Farm' again, I realized that Kara is not saying goodbye to Anders, but actually giving her word that she'll come back, against all odds. So, 'A Promise to Return' seemed a more fitting title for this piece, which I have dedicated to Ludwig's recovery."

    "The first season soundtrack introduced an arsenal of Japanese taikos, Middle Eastern woodwinds, Celtic world percussion and symphonic orchestra," McCreary explains in the liner notes. Expanding upon that base, "season two's score introduced even more instruments and styles" including Indian tablas, sitars, and twangy ethnic guitars. McCreary was fortunate to mentor under renowned movie composer Elmer Bernstein to learn how to fashion music into a storytelling tool. The military snare drum cues so prevalent in the music for Season One are still present, but now are joined company by somber synthesizer textures with touches of electric guitar and bass.

    As a huge fan of the original series (a touchy subject when comparing it to this new incarnation, which I expound upon in my review of Season One), I was more than pleasantly surprised to hear the disc open with the familiar "Battlestar Galactica Main Theme" penned by Phillips and Glen A. Larson (with a little piece of "Exploration" toward the end, also from the original series' soundtrack). McCreary conducts a sixty-piece orchestra to showcase the only brass-heavy track in this new take on an old favorite. From there, the musical diversity runs the gamut from thundering percussions ("Scar"), to emotive march ("Reuniting the Fleet"), to warmhearted waltz ("Roslin and Adama"), to creepy reed instrumentation ("Escape from the Farm"), to ethereal ("Baltar's Dream"), to something you might expect to hear from an Alan Parsons instrumental ("Pegasus").

    The two lengthy inclusions, "Something Dark is Coming" and "Prelude to War", really highlight McCreary's ability to take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotion. Esoteric vocalizing is employed on "The Cylon Prisoner" (featuring McCreary's brother Bt4) and "Lords of Kobol" (featuring Raya Yarbrough). The latter track also utilizes some up-front drum sampling which was the only segment that felt out of place of any of the music presented. The final track begins innocently enough before transforming into a sprawling, gritty wall of sound featuring the guitar work of former Oingo Boingo member Steve Bartek.

    Improving on his achievements for Season One's soundtrack, Bear McCreary expands his musical palette to complement the story complexity presented in Battlestar Galactica's second season. As McCreary notes, he can't wait until he can begin scoring again for the third season. He joins the show's many fans in anticipation of the continuing adventures with a hearty "so say we all".

    Original Music from the Sci Fi Channel Television Series "Battlestar Galactica" - Season 2
    Track Listing
    01. Colonial Anthem (Theme from Battlestar Galactica) from 'Final Cut' (4:02)
    02. Baltar's Dream from 'Valley of Darkness' (2:45)
    03. Escape from the Farm from 'The Farm' (3:09)
    04. A Promise to Return from 'The Farm' (3:03)
    05. Allegro from 'Home' Part One (4:59)
    06. Martial Law from 'Fragged' (1:51)
    07. Standing in the Mud from 'Black Market' (1:45)
    08. Pegasus from 'Pegasus' (2:46)
    09. Lords of Kobol from 'Pegasus' (2:50)
    10. Something Dark is Coming from 'Lay Down Your Burdens' Part One (8:51)
    11. Scar from 'Scar' (2:26)
    12. Epiphanies from 'Epiphanies' (2:43)
    13. Roslin and Adama from 'Resurrection Ship' Parts One and Two (2:49)
    14. Gina Escapes from 'Resurrection Ship' Part Two (2:00)
    15. Dark Unions from 'Lay Down Your Burdens' Part One (2:53)
    16. The Cylon Prisoner from 'Pegasus' (3:51)
    17. Prelude to War from 'Pegasus' and 'Resurrection Ship' Parts One and Two (8:22)
    18. Reuniting the Fleet from 'Home' Parts One and Two (2:45)
    19. Roslin Confesses from 'Lay Down Your Burdens' Part Two (2:09)
    20. One Year Later from 'Lay Down Your Burdens' Part Two (1:43)
    21. Worthy of Survival from 'Lay Down Your Burdens' Part Two (3:35)
    22. Battlestar Galactica Main Title (0:45)
    23. Black Market from 'Black Market' (5:48)