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Panik is a German rock band consisting of six members from Neumünster that was established in Hamburg in 2007 under the name Nevada Tan. Almost all of today's members have made music since 2002 in another band called Pan!k. On 20 January 2008, Nevada Tan announced that they have officially changed their name from Nevada Tan to Panik because of differences with their management (Go here to see the video "Why Nevada Tan became Panik"), resulting in their switch from Vertigo Records to Universal Records.
Panik unites rap elements with hard rock - this genre is called nu metal. Their style is often compared to the style of Linkin Park, although they don't like being compared to them. The band members have stated that anger moves them and that they can express all their emotions properly only in their maternal language german.

Songs of the Panik new Album:

Was wuerdest du tun?:
Lass mich fallen:
Kinder (Ist es nicht krank?):
Unsere Zeit:
Wir geben`s zu:
Bevor du gehst:
Ein letztes Mal:
Noch nicht tot:
Wollt nur wissen:
Keiner mekt es:
San Diego:

Videos of Panik:


Morgencafe (Live Session):
Lass mich fallen (Live Session):
Jeder (Live Session):
Nocht nicht tot (Live Session):
Keiner merkt es (Live Session):
Unsere Zeit [Snippet]:
Lass mich fallen:

---Niemand hört dich(2007)---

- Revolution:
- Vorbei:
- Neustart:
- Ein neuer tag:
- So wie du:
- Geht ab:
- Was wuerdest du tun?:

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