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There are many bands named Outrage.
But,Japanese Outrage is most outrageous !!

日本が世界に誇るThrash Metalバンド「Outrage」をこよなく愛する大馬鹿さん(©:丹下眞也)達のグループ。

Non-Japanese metalheadz are also welcome.:=)

Japanese thrash metal-band Outrage were formed in the early 80’s by Yosuke Abe (guitars), Yoshihiro Yasui (bass), and Tange Shinya (drums). They’ve led the Japanese rock and heavy music scene for 20 years and still with their energetic releases and live shows. Their roaring stoner influenced sound strikes you straight from Nagoya, Japan; the city of historical war spirit. In 2007, Naoki Hashimoto (vocals), who had left the band in 1999, was asked by members to play together on stage for their 20th Anniverssary shows (with a Japanese veteran metal act Anthem in supporting) and decided to tag with them again temporally for the memorial gigs. Then in Sep., they played in front of their dedicated fans, who had dreamt of seeing 4-piece Outrage once again. Without a doubt, these shows turned out big success along with yet another intense performance in a big extreme music festival called ‘Loud Park’. The lineups for this fest included some worldwide artists such as Heaven & Hell, Saxon, and Marilyn Manson.
Then, in Feb. 8 2008, the band confirmed they officially welcomed Naoki back into the fold. Currently they have just released the new work titled “Outraged” on Jun 2013.

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