Update, Update, Update.

  • Update, Update, Update.

    It's been awhile since I've checked up on this site, sorry about that but I plan to get right back into it and i've started by going through the entire connections list and doing the regular clean-out.

    Let's just say it took me awhile, and it's going to take me even longer to remove the artists. Check out what is getting dumped:

    Amazing Baby
    The Answer
    Art Vs Science
    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
    The Avett Brothers
    Blind Pilot
    Brooke Waggoner
    Carolina Liar
    The Coral Sea
    Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip
    Dear and the Headlights
    Deer Tick
    The Dykeenies
    Every Avenue
    Exposed By Observers
    Family Force 5
    Gabrielle Aplin
    The Gutter Twins
    Harlem Shakes
    I Am the Avalanche
    Idle Warship
    James Yuill
    Liam and Me
    Lisa Hannigan
    Lissy Trullie
    Mariee Sioux
    Marina & the Diamonds
    Marmaduke Duke
    Maylene and the Sons of Disaster
    Micachu and the Shapes
    Miike Snow
    The Morning Light
    The Mummers
    The New York Fund
    Nickel Eye
    Ocean Reid
    Pixie Lott
    Russian Red
    Saving Abel
    Snob Scrilla
    The Tallest Man on Earth
    The Third Man
    The Troubadours

    and just a few i'm going to add:
    Art vs. Science
    Rogue Traders
    Philadelphia Grand Jury
    The Summer Set

    There is plenty to be added, Babs my co-leader (if you're still checking up on this site) and I will be working hard to get the list back to its usual awesomeness so send us your recommendations. I'll also be checking back through the forum and discussion posts to see what we've missed. I don't know about Babs, but it feels like I've missed a LOT.

    good to be back.

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