NeuroSounds Vol.2 - Clouds From The Earth (free download)

  • NeuroSounds Vol.2 - Clouds From The Earth (free download)

    Clouds From The Earth is the second volume of the NeuroSounds compilation, a project started by the staff of NeuroPrison (Official Italian Neurosis Forum) with the purpose to promote and to show more attention for the Italian underground music scene.
    Special thanks to all the bands involved in this project and to all the relative record labels for giving us their permission.

    Cd A

    The Orange Man Theory “On The DarthBoard” (3:36)
    Incoming Cerebral Overdrive “Magic” (6:32)
    Bleed Someone Dry “Subject” (3:59)
    Beyond The Storm “Dark Sun Dawn” (4:39)
    Inferno “The Year Of The Dingo” (3:07)
    Slaiver “Lover Tell Me It’s Over” (4:34)
    Vibratacore “Behind This Rapture” (4:38)
    Cubre “Half Man” (4:07)
    Psychofagist “Nouvelle De Spasticitè & èpilepsie” (3:15)
    Tears|Before “Thousand Dog Days” (3:32)
    Hungry Like Rakovitz “Why?” (1:00)
    Slowdown “People’s Widespread Grief” (2:27)
    Bleeding Eyes “33 Papers Left” (2:41)
    Stalker “Pollyanna” (7:16)
    Last Minute To Jaffna “Chapter X” (12:07)
    Amia Venera Landscape “Nicholas” (8:45)
    A Cold Dead Body “Loss” (3:03)

    Cd B

    Three Steps To The Ocean “Remember Lynne Cox” (8:57)
    One Starving Day “An Evil Light” (7:10)
    Marnero “Trebisonda” (6:59)
    Lucertulas “Roulette” (1:50)
    Putiferio “Aristocatastrophism” (2:08)
    Lleroy “Debbie Suicide” (3:02)
    Donkey Breeder “Five Quarter Collapse” (5:16)
    L’Alba di Morrigan “Snowstorm” (4:28)
    Zippo “Ask Yourself A Question” (5:31)
    At The Soundawn “Slight Variations” (4:46)
    Mondrian Oak “Monolith” (5:29)
    Dyskinesia “Dalla Nascita” (7:10)
    Up There: The Clouds “The Last Glimpse Of Hope In My Eyes" (6:00)
    A New Silent Corporation “Wotgg” (9:50)


    This work is published under a "Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License".


    Da domani e per 2 settimane consecutive (forse anche 3) avremo uno spazio dedicato alla nuova compilation su SestogRadio.
    Mano a mano vi aggiorneremo sulla scaletta, intanto quella prevista per la prima settimana è questa:

    The Orange Man Theory - On The Dartboard
    Incoming Cerebral Overdrive - Magic
    Bleed Someone Dry - Subject
    Inferno - The Year Of The Dingo
    Vibratacore - Behind This Rapture
    Psychofagist - Nouvelle De Spasticitè Et Epilepsie
    Tears|Before - Thousand Dog Days
    Bleeding Eyes - 33 Papers Left
    Lleroy - Debbie Suicide
    Lucertulas - Roulette
    Zippo - Ask Yourself A Question

    In onda QUI nei seguenti giorni/orari:

    - il lunedi` alle 22.00
    - il giovedi` alle 10.30
    - il sabato alle 14.30

    Non mancate!

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