List of all NWOBHM bands

  • List of all NWOBHM bands


    I'm interested in studying the NWOBHM more closely. Can you name all the bands associated with this movement? And are there any bands of disputed membership? Thanks and best wishes.


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  • Here are some names of nwobhm bands:

    Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, Saxon, Motorhead, Angel Witch, Girlschool, Magnum, Tank, Judas Priest, Def Leppard

    But there are many more :)

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  • Thank you, heavylione. :)

    Agon: To seriously review topics traditionally excluded from mainstream debate. On
    "Sag mir, wo die Blumen sind? . . . Wann wird man je verstehn?" — Marlene Dietrich
    • nukleator schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 26. Mai. 2008, 20:42
    There are dozens of bands but I want to contribute some:

    Witchfinder General
    Sweet Savage
    The E.F. Band (even though they're Swedish but they moved to the UK)
    Sweet Savage
    Nightime Flyer
    Desolation Angels
    Blind Fury
    persian risk
    tokyo blade
    genghis khan
    cloven hoof
    tygers of pan tang
    dark heart
    praying mantis


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    • 27. Mai. 2008, 22:36
    the NWOBHM band Satan is fucking awesome

  • I'll add

    Hammerhead (great band)
    Seventh Son

    • [Gelöschter Benutzer] schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 24. Jun. 2008, 12:54
    A II Z
    Angel Witch
    Cloven Hoof
    Def Leppard
    Diamond Head
    Dumpy's Rusty Nuts
    Ethel the Frog
    Grim Reaper
    Hollow Ground
    Iron Maiden'
    Pagan Altar
    Persian Risk
    Praying Mantis
    Pretty Maids
    Rock Goddess
    Sweet Savage
    Tokyo Blade
    Tygers of Pan Tang
    White Spirit
    Witchfinder General

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    • Benutzer
    • 2. Jul. 2008, 5:48
    best list is here:

    however, in terms of bands that released full length LP's, there are much less. There literally THOUSANDS of NWOBHM bands, and it is near impossible to hear or collect them all, that is what appeals to me most about the scene, is that the bands were releasing singles and demos, and yet their influence was so huge. My suggestion is to start simple. If you dive into all the bands too quickly you miss the enjoyment of each one individually. Of Course Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Saxon are great to start with, but then move slowly to get a feel for how great these bands really are.

  • i just discovered the band Sword but they are from canada but their sound is nwobhm...

    Hate burns like fire
    in the depths of hell
    feels like I'm dyin'
    in this heart of hate
    • EricPZ schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 22. Jul. 2008, 15:49
    Good lists. Two I didn't see on there which should be considered are Mama's Boys and Budgie.

    • nukleator schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 28. Jul. 2008, 21:59
    In some entry above one has mentioned Pretty Maids but they are by far no NWOBHM, most of all because of being Danish! There's only one NWOBHM from outside the UK and that is The E.F. Band because the members moved to the UK during their existance and got into the movement.

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    • Benutzer
    • 13. Aug. 2008, 11:25

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    hey Strappado what is with your nick friend "HeadShop" ?

  • go to
    then type NWOBHM in the searchbar, and select "Music Genre" from the search bar. that should return pretty much every NWOBHM band that ever released anything.

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    • Benutzer
    • 27. Dez. 2009, 23:40
    My last discovery is Bitches Sin ! Just listen :)

  • Spartan Warrior

    SPARTAN WARRIOR= Top nwobhm band! formed 1981 released 2 full length albums" Steel,n chains" on Gaurdian records ,in 83, also self titled album "SpartanWarrior" on Roadrunner records.They also appeared on compilations such as "Metal Machine" on Roadrunner records,alongside Slayer,Voivoid,etc. They have recorded a new album "Behind Closed Eyes" due for release in march(2010) on Ironage Records=

    • Izzystone schrieb...
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    • 30. Mär. 2010, 2:39
    >Judas Priest is not nwobhm!

  • heavylione said:
    Pretty Maids

    Pretty Maids

    Pretty Maids is from Denmark

    • Boo9nine9 schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 18. Mai. 2010, 7:41
    shocking to see that people care so much about origin of the bands... it's not about the image, right guys? i'd be so bold as to sugest that if it sounds like NWOBHM, it should be welcomly discussed im this forum.

    so what do you guys think about omen?

  • I think nobody mentioned "Dragonslayer" before. If I'm not mistaken they are NWOBHM, too!

  • snakebite (the metal band, not the glam band) should be contributed, there a rising act in UK.

  • a little list for you

    this list isn't complete but a work in progress. there are bands in here that shouldn't be in here and some that should be that arent. I'm sure I've got plenty of mistakes feel free to correct me just don't give me too much crap about it.

    7 Year Itch (UK)
    100% Proof (UK) Stockport
    A-IIZ (UK) Manchester, England
    A.R.C. rock Band (UK)
    Ace Lane (UK)
    After Dark (UK)
    Agony Bag (UK) Leicester
    Airborne (UK)
    Airbridge (UK) Norfolk
    Alaska (UK)
    Alec Johnson Band (UK)
    Alien (UK)
    Alkatrazz (UK)
    Alverna Gunn (UK) Lowestoft, Suffolk
    Amazon (UK)
    Amethyst (UK)
    Angel Witch (UK) London, England
    Anniversary (UK) Lancaster
    Anthem (UK)
    Apocalypse (UK) London
    Aragorn (UK) Manchester, England
    ARC (UK) Stourport
    Argus (UK) Hull
    A.S.A.P. (UK)
    Atlantis Risisng (UK)
    Atomkraft (UK) Newcastle
    Aurora (UK) Manchester
    Avalon (UK)
    Avenger (UK) Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
    Axe Victams (UK) Evesham
    Axis (UK) Stockton
    Axis (UK) ???
    Baby Tuckoo (UK) Barnsley, South Yorkshire
    Backlash (UK) Glasgow
    Badge (UK) Stockton
    Badger (UK) London
    Barbary Coast (UK)
    Bashful Alley (UK) Morecambe, Lancaster
    Bastille (UK) Essex
    Battleaxe (UK) Sunderland
    Battlezone (UK)
    Beg To Differ (UK)
    Behemoth (UK)
    Berlin Ritz (UK)
    Berlyn (UK) London
    Berne Torme Band (UK)
    Big Daisy (UK)
    Bitches Sin (UK) London
    Blacwych (UK) Ireland
    Black Axe (UK) Carlisle
    Black Rose (UK) Middlesbrough
    Blackout (UK)
    Blackmayne (UK) Maidstone, Kent
    Blade Runner (UK) London
    Blazer Blazer (UK)
    Bleak House (UK) St. Albans
    Blinder (UK)
    Blind Fury (UK) Newcastle
    The Blitz (UK) Maidstone
    Blitzkrieg (UK) Leicester
    Blood Money (UK)
    Bollweevil (UK)
    Borich (UK)
    Boulevard (UK) Bristol
    Bronz (UK) Bath, Somerset
    Brooklyn (UK)
    Brunel (UK)
    Buffalo (UK) Blackburn, Lancashire
    Burn (UK) London
    Burner (UK) Leicestershire
    Buzzard (UK)
    Camargue (UK)
    Canis Major (UK)
    Ceffyl Pren (UK)
    Centurion (UK)
    Chain Reaction (UK) Kent
    Chainsaw (UK) Coventry
    Chainsaw (UK) London
    Challenger (UK)
    Charge (UK) West London
    Charger (UK)
    Chariot (UK) London
    Charly 'Ungry (UK)
    Chartered Hurricane (UK)
    Chasar (UK) Alloa, Scotland
    Chaser (UK) Ipswich, Suffolk
    Chateaux (UK) Cheltenham
    Cheeky (UK)
    Chevy (UK) Coventry, West Midlands
    China Doll (UK)
    Chinatown (UK) Fareham
    Chinawite (UK) Sheffeild, England
    Christ Child (UK)
    Chrome Molly (UK)
    Clientelle (UK)
    Cloven Hoof (UK) Wolverhampton, West Midlands
    Cobra (UK) Lancashire
    Cockney Rejects (UK) London
    Cracked Mirror (UK)
    Crash K.O.(UK)
    Crazy Blue (UK)
    Crucifixion (UK) Southend, Essex
    Cry Wolf (UK)
    Cryer (UK)
    Crys (UK)
    Cynic (UK) Malvern, Worcestershire, England)
    Cyrka (UK)
    Dagaband (UK)
    Dam Wicked (UK)
    Damacles (UK)
    Damascus (UK) Liverpool
    Dark Heart (UK) Northallerton
    Dark Star (UK) Birmingham
    Dawn Trader (UK)
    Dawnwatcher (UK) Keighley, Yorkshire
    Dealer (UK) Cirencester
    Dedringer (UK) Leeds
    Deep Machine (UK) S.E. London
    Deep Switch (UK) Norwich, Norfolk
    Def Leppard (UK) Sheffeild, Yorkshire
    Deluge (UK) Orpington
    Demolition (UK) Birmingham
    Demon (UK) Trent
    Demon Pact (UK) Bromley/Croydon
    Denigh (UK) Filkestone, Kent
    Dervish (UK) Kent
    Derek Brown (UK)
    Desolation Angels (UK) London
    Desperate Oates (UK)
    Destroya (UK) London
    Destroyer (UK) London
    Detroit (UK)
    Deuce (UK) Kent
    Deuce (UK) Nottinghamshire
    Diamond Head (UK) Stourbridge, England
    DiAnno (UK)
    Dick Smith Band (UK) Wallasey, Merseyside
    Die Laughing (UK)
    Distrainers (UK) Leicester
    Dragonfly (UK) London
    Dragonslayer (UK)
    Dragster (UK)
    Driveshaft (UK) Cork
    Dumpy's Rusty Bolts (UK)
    Dumpy's Rusty Nuts (UK)
    Dutchess (UK)
    E.F. Band (SE) Goteborg
    E.S.P. (UK)
    Eazie Ryder (UK)
    Effigy (UK)
    Electric Savage (UK)
    Elixir (UK) London
    Emerson (UK)
    Energy (UK)
    Ethel the Frog (UK) Hull, England
    Everyone Else (UK)
    Excalibur (UK) Bradford, Yorkshire
    Existance (UK)
    Exocet (UK)
    Explorer (UK) Portsmouth, Southhampton
    Export (UK) Liverpool, Merseyside
    Expozer (UK)
    Ezy Meat (UK) Ireland
    Ezy Ryder (UK)
    Factory (UK)
    Fair Warning (UK) Wiltshire
    Fast Kutz (UK) Cleveland, England
    Fastway (UK)
    Fay Ray (UK)
    Firebird (UK) Reading Berkshire
    Fireclown (UK) Manchester
    First Born (UK)
    Fist (UK) Newcastle, England
    Flash Point (UK)
    Flyte (UK)
    Force (UK)
    Force Nine (UK) Lancashire
    Forger (UK) Oxfordshire
    Founded (UK)
    Framed (UK)
    Frenzy (UK) Lancashire
    Friends (UK)
    Fugitive (UK) Nottinghamshire
    Fury (UK)
    Garbo (UK)
    Gaskin (UK)
    Geddes Axe (UK) Sheffield
    Gemage (UK)
    Genghis Khan (UK) Salisbury
    Girl (UK)
    Girlschool (UK) London
    Glasgow (UK) Glasgow, Scotland
    Glory Hunter (UK) Scotland
    Golant Pistons (UK)
    Gogmagog (UK) London
    Goldsmith (UK) Barrow-in-Furness, Cambria, England
    Golgotha (UK) Stafordshire
    Grand Prix (UK)
    Grim Reaper (UK) Droitwich, England
    Ground Attack (UK) Stevanage
    Ground Zero (UK)
    Gypsy (UK)
    Hammer (UK) Cleveland, England
    Hammerhead (UK) Workington, Cumbria, England
    The Handsome Beasts (UK) Nuneaton
    Hazzard (UK) Scotland
    Headbangers (UK)
    Heavy Pettin' (UK) Glasgow, Scotland
    Hell (UK) Nottingham, England
    Hellanbach (UK)
    Hellrazer (UK)
    Helvellyn (UK)
    Heretic (UK)
    Heritage (UK) London
    HGB (Henry Gorman band) UK
    High Treason (UK) Luton
    Holland (UK) Clevland
    Hollow Ground (UK) Newcastle, England
    Holocaust (UK) Edinburgh, Scotland
    Hologram (UK)
    Horizon (UK)
    Horse London (UK) London, England
    Horsepower (UK)
    Hydra Vein (UK)
    Idol Rich (UK) Gloucester
    Incubus (UK)
    Influence (UK)
    Iron Maiden (UK) London, England
    Izod (UK)
    Jaguar (UK) Bristol, England
    Jameson Raid (UK) Birmingham
    Janine (UK)
    Jeddah (UK)
    Jess Cox (UK)
    JJ's Powerhouse (UK) Lancashire
    Jodey (UK)
    John Sykes (UK)
    Joker (UK) London
    Jokers Wild (UK)
    Juno's Claw (UK)
    Karn-Age (UK) Oxford
    Karrier (UK) Birmingham
    Killer (UK) Salisbury
    Knightrider (UK) Glasgow
    Kooga (UK)
    Kraken (UK) Hyde, Cheshire
    Kruizer (UK) Chester
    L.A. Hooker (UK) Hayes
    Lady (NE)
    Last Flight (UK)
    Last Straw (UK)
    Lautrec (UK) Bristol
    Le Griffe (UK) Stoke On Trent
    Legend (UK) Jersey, Channel Islands
    Legend (UK) Kent
    Liaison (UK)
    Life (UK)
    Lightning Raiders (UK)
    Limelight (UK) Mansfield
    Lionheart (UK)
    Lone Wolf (UK) Durham
    Lone Wolf (UK) Hampshire
    The Lonely Hearts (UK) Sheffield
    Lotus Cruise (UK)
    Lyadrive (UK) London
    Macaxe (UK)
    Mad Dog (UK)
    Made in England (UK)
    Maffia Mr Huws (UK)
    Maineeaxe (UK) York
    Mallet (UK)
    Mama's Boys (UK) Ireland
    Mammath (UK) Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
    Mammoth (UK)
    Marino The Band (UK)
    Marquis de Sade (UK) London
    Marseille (UK) Liverpool, England
    Marz (UK) Grantham
    Masai (UK)
    Masterstroke (UK)
    May Day (UK) Birmingham
    Mayhem (UK)
    McCoy (UK)
    Meanstreak (UK) Brighton
    Mean Street Dealers (UK)
    Medusa (UK) Worcestershire
    Megaton (UK) London
    Mendes Prey (UK) Pontefract , Yorkshire
    Metal Mirror (UK) Ruislip
    Midas (UK) East London
    Millennium (UK) Cleveland
    Mistress (UK) Blackpool
    Mithrandir (UK)
    Moby Dick (UK)
    Money (UK)
    More (UK) London
    Mother's Ruin (UK)
    Motorway (UK)
    Mournblade (UK) London
    Mythra (UK) South Shields
    Nevada Foxx (UK)
    The Next Band (UK)
    Night Games (UK)
    Nightime Flyer (UK)
    Nightmare (FR)
    Nightwing (UK)
    No Faith (UK)
    No Mercy (UK) Canvey Island, Essex
    No Quarter (UK) Wales
    Nuthin' Fancy (UK)
    Omega (UK) London, England
    Omen Searcher (UK) Derby, England
    Onslaught (UK)
    Oral (UK) Brighton-and-Hove, east Sussex
    Ore (UK)
    Original Sin (UK) Liverpool, England
    Orion (UK) Middlesex
    Overdrive (UK) Grantham, England
    Overkill (UK) Andover, Hampshire
    Overload (UK)
    Overlord (UK)
    Oxym (UK) Accrington, Lancashire
    Pagan Altar (UK) Brockley, England
    Pali Gap (UK)
    Panik Attak (UK)
    Panza Division (UK) Sheffield
    Paralex (UK) Nottingham
    Paul Dale Band (UK)
    Penetrations (UK)
    Persian Risk (UK) Cardiff
    Pet Hate (UK)
    Phasslayne (UK) Newcastle Upon Tyne
    Phoenix Rising (UK) Sheffield
    Phyne Thanquz (UK)
    Plateau (UK) Workington, Cumbria, England
    Praying Mantis (UK)
    Predator (UK)
    Predatür (UK)
    Preyer (UK)
    Prowler (UK) ?
    Prowler (UK) Melton Mowbry
    Quartz (UK) Birmingham
    Quasar (UK)
    Race Against Time (UK) Nottingham
    Radar (UK)
    Radium (UK) Nottingham
    Rage (UK)
    Raider (UK) Gloucestershire, England
    Rankleson (UK)
    Raven (UK) Newcastle upon Tyne, England
    Raw Deal (UK)
    Raw Deal (UK)
    Raw Deal (UK)
    Red (UK)
    Red Alert (UK)
    Reincarnate (UK) Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
    Renegade (UK) Kent
    Requiem (UK) Wolverhampton, England
    Rhabstallion (UK) Udorsfield
    Rhi'annon Tomos (UK)
    Ricochet (UK)
    Ritual (UK) London
    Roadster (UK)
    Robespierre (UK) Liverpool, Merseyside
    Rock Goddess (UK) London
    Rokka (UK)
    Rox (UK) Manchester
    Rue Morgue (UK)
    Runestaff (UK)
    Runner (UK)
    S.O.S. (UK) Northern Ireland
    Sabre (UK) Croydon
    Sacred Alien (UK) Manchester
    Salem (UK) Hull
    Salems Witness (UK) Essex
    Sam Thunder (UK) Manchester
    Samson (UK) London, England
    Samurai (UK) Merthyr tydfil, Wales
    Samurai (UK)
    Sanctus (UK) London
    Sapphire (UK) London
    Sapphire (UK) Preston
    Saracen (UK) Matlock, Derbyshire
    Saracen (UK) South Shields/Tyne & Wear
    Satan (UK) Newcastle
    Satan's Empire (UK) Dundee, Scotland
    Satanic Rites (UK) Halifax, West yorkshire
    Savage (UK) Mansfield
    Saxon (UK) Barnsley, South Yorkshire
    Scarab (UK) Birmingham
    Scarab (UK) Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
    The Scrubs (UK)
    Scorched Earth (UK)
    Seducer (UK) Addlestone
    Seventh Son (UK) Barnsley, South Yorkshire
    Severed Head (UK)
    shaddowfax (UK)
    Shadowfax (UK)
    shaftsbury (UK)
    She (UK)
    Sheer Khan (UK)
    Sherwood (UK) Yorkshire
    Shiva (UK)
    Shock Treatment (UK)
    Shogun (UK)
    Shy (UK)
    Shywolf (UK) Derbyshire
    Siege (UK)
    Silverwing (UK) Macclesfield
    Sinner (UK)
    Siren (UK)
    Skitzofrenik (UK)
    Slayer (UK)
    Sledgehammer (UK) Slough
    Slender Thread (UK)
    Sleepwalker (UK)
    Slowtrain (UK)
    Smokin' Roadie (UK)
    Snakebite (UK)
    Snowblind (UK)
    Soldier (UK) Northampton
    Sparta (UK) Mansfield
    Spartan Warrior (UK) Sunderland
    Speed (UK) London
    speed Limit (UK)
    Spider (UK) Merseyside
    Spitfire (UK)
    Spitzbrook (UK)
    Split Beaver (UK) Wolverhampton
    Splitcrow (UK)
    Stagefright (UK)
    Stampede (UK) London
    Starfighters (UK)
    Statetrooper (UK)
    Static (UK) Surrey
    Steel (UK) Birmingham
    Steel Wings (UK)
    Steve Crowther Band (UK)
    Storm Queen (UK) Barry, Wales
    Stormchild (UK) Lowestoft, suffolk
    Stormchild (UK) Bolton / Lancashire
    Stormtrooper (UK) Bristol
    Stormtrooper (UK)
    Storyteller (UK)
    Straight Eight (UK)
    strange Days (UK)
    Strategy (UK)
    Stratus (BE)
    Stray (UK)
    Street Legal (UK)
    Streetfighter (UK) Accrington, Lancashire
    Strife (UK)
    Strutt (UK)
    Stryder (UK)
    Sunset Blaze (UK) Hayes
    Surface (UK)
    Suspect (UK)
    Sweet Savage (UK) Belfast, Northern Ireland
    Syar (UK) Harrogate
    Talan (UK)
    Tamarisk (UK)
    Tank (UK) London
    Target (UK)
    Taurus (UK)
    Tellurian (UK)
    Tempest (UK)
    Terra Cotta (UK)
    Thin Edge Of A Wedge (UK)
    Thunderstick (UK) London, England
    Titan (UK)
    TNT (UK) Margate, Kent
    Toad the Wet Sprocket (UK) Bedfordshire, England
    Tobruk (UK)
    Tok-io Rose (UK) Cardiff, Wales
    Tokyo Blade (UK) Salisbury, England
    Tokyo Rose (UK) Tyneside
    Too Much (UK)
    Tora Tora (UK) Manchester
    Torture (UK) Kent
    Touched (UK) Lancashire
    Touchstone (UK) EastLondon
    Tracer (UK)
    Tragician (UK)
    Traitors Gate (UK) Rhondda, Wales
    Tranzzam (UK) Oxford
    Treason (UK)
    Tredegar (UK) Wales
    Trespass (UK) Sudbury, Suffolk
    Triarchy (UK) Kent
    Trident (UK) Liverpool
    Truffle(UK) Portsmouth
    Trux (UK)
    Turbo (UK)
    Tutch (UK)
    Twisted Ace (UK)
    Tyga Myra (UK)
    Tygers of Pan Tang (UK) Whitley bay
    Tyrant (UK) Gloucestshire
    Tysondog (UK) Newcastle
    Tytan (UK)
    Urchin (UK) London, England
    US (UK)
    Vagabond (UK)
    Valhalla (UK) Home Counties
    Valhalla (UK) Leicestershire
    Vardis (UK) Wakefield
    Venom (UK) Newcastle
    Vermilion (UK)
    VHF (UK)
    Virgin (UK)
    Virtue (UK) Oxford
    Voltz (UK)
    Voyager UK (UK)
    Warfare (UK) Newcastle
    Warrior (UK) Chesterfield
    Warrior (UK) Essex
    Warrior (UK) Newcastle
    Weapon (UK) London, England
    Wenfflam (UK) Wales
    White Heat (UK)
    White Lightning (UK)
    White roxx (UK) N. Ireland
    White Spirit (UK) Hartlepool, England
    Whitefire (UK)
    Widow (UK)
    Wikkyd Vikker (UK) Leiceister
    Wildfire (UK) London
    Wildfire (UK)
    Winter's Reign (UK)
    Witchfinder General (UK) Stourbridge
    Witchfynde (UK) Mansfield, England
    Wolf (UK) Cheshire
    Wolf (UK) Newcastle
    Wolfbane (UK)
    Wrathchild (UK)
    Xdreamysts (UK)
    Xero (UK) Islington, London
    Y Diawled (UK) Crymych, Wales
    Young blood (UK)
    Zenith (UK) Glenrothes, scotland
    Zorro (UK)

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  • Other bands of the genre

    there where lots of great bands out of europe at the same time that don't get the recognition because theyre not from the UK. If you know any let me know

    • Izzystone schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 22. Nov. 2010, 14:24
    Judas Priest and Motörhead = not nwobhm!

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