My Ruin

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Gegründet am: 19. Jan. 2005
The group for anything Tairrie B.

The group for My Ruin and anything Tairrie B.


Main Albums With My Ruin:
> "Speak And Destroy"
> "A Prayer Under Pressure Of Violent Anguish"
> "To Britain With Love... And Bruises" (Live)
> "The Shape Of Things To Come"
> "The Horror Of Beauty"
> "The Brutal Language"
> "Throat Full Of Heart"
> "Alive On The Other Side" (Live)
> "Ghosts And Good Stories"
> "A Southern Revelation" (digital only)

Other Albums With Tairrie B:
> Tairrie B. - "The Power Of A Woman"
> Tairrie B. - "Single White Female" (digital only)
> Manhole - "All Is Not Well"
> Tura Satana - "All Is Not Well"
> Tura Satana - "Relief Through Release"
> The LVRS - "The Murder Of Miss Hollywood"
> The LVRS - "The Secret Life Of Lola Burns"
> The LVRS - "Death Has Become Her"
> The LVRS - "Lady Speaks The Bruise" (digital only)

Other Albums With Mick Murphy:
> Neanderthal - "Start A Fire With Rock"
> Neanderthal - "Take The Ride"
> Neanderthal - "Grandes Canciones"

Industrial Music - Tim Burton - Horror Movies - Shirley Manson (garbage) - Beavis And Butt-Head - Batman - DOPE - RUN DMC - AMEN / Casey Chaos - Coal Chamber & Devildriver - House of Pain (Everlast, LCN and related) - Tim SKOLD - LUCIA Cifarelli - The Simpsons - Rapcore - The Sex Pistols - Masuimi Max - Lynn Strait (Snot) - Nu-Metal - Christina Ricci - Musicians Should Not Do Movies

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