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    • Benutzer
    • 12. Jan. 2010, 17:14

    Goosebumps moments

    Is there any moment that you remember that you got goosebumps?


    I start with the first time that I saw the Heima DVD from Sigur Ros.
    During Sé Lest, when the band of musicians with trumpets and horns and stuff get into the stage...


  • RE: Goosebumps moments

    When my favourite band, The Dreams, posted a brand new song on youtube, as a Christmas present to their fans in 2008.. Not only did it give me goosebumps, but I also started crying, because the song was so.. So powerful.. And the lyrics were about what they'd experienced from 2006 to 2008, and when the leadsinger Hans Edward sung "Bare stol på din dig selv og bare følg din drøm, for det kunne jo blive til virkelighed" (Just believe in yourself and just follow your dream, because it could become reality *sounds so much better in danish!*) and "Vores første album blev solgt, den første Dreamer blev født" (Our first album was sold, the first Dreamer was born)..

    Well, this is just one specific moment out of many goosebump moments (:

    Btw. here's a link for the song, just so people would know what I'm talking about.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rALSBNdYq_o

  • When I saw for the first time my favourite singer Anneke van Giersbergen, playing with her band Agua de Annique here, it was a wonderful moment <3
    Also when I watched this videos of Travel by The Gathering playing live in my country, it's SO amazing, I started to cry when I watched it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JykAblB85-o
    And also when I saw for the first time Anathema last year, it was no doubt a magical moment, a night full of wonderful songs , since the first song I got goosebumps till the end (:

  • 3:57onwards of I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead by Mogwai.

  • Re: Goosebump moments

    The first time I ever listened to Ruled by Secrecy (by Muse) - I was a passenger in a car driving through Cornwall, and was looking out of the window at the sea when this mesmerisingly beautiful song played on my ipod playlist of recently bought songs. High goosebump rating for that one, it was surreal...
    Also, I always get a slight goosebumpy feel whenever I play 'Invincible' (Muse again) because I always listen to it right before any challenge I'm really nervous about (e.g. an exam).
    New Year's Eve 2008-9 listening to 'Maggot Brain' by Funkadelic. Won't go into the details...
    Every time I properly listen to Epilogue, Atrophy and Thirteen (all by The Antlers) they move me profoundly, at the same time as provoking a visceral goosebumpy sensation. Other songs of theirs often produce the same effect, depending on how immersed in the moment I am. Going to their gig was one AWESOME goosebump experience too! :D

    "If music be the food of love, play on"
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    • 18. Mär. 2010, 15:45

    The Polyphonic Spree

    About 4 years ago, when I was at a David Bowie show, a band called The Polyphonic Spree opened. There were easily a dozen people on stage in white robes with no shoes on. It was kind of like a rock choir... very moving, confusing, but it was one of the best performances I've seen.

    Check out their Soldier Girl tune :)

  • Click here for a Mixpod that is a list of (almost) everybody's goosebump moments. Some of the songs are not on her, I'm sorry to say. This will be updated when someone posts a goosebump moments.

    I will post my goosebump moments later

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    • 24. Mär. 2010, 13:56
    (TheRaz0rEdge: Maybe you should open a new threat for that kind of stuff? Somewhere where we all can upload our mixtapes? That would be very nice. Thanks.)

    My goosebump moment:

    Sigur Ros - Untitled#8

    This is the song Untitled#8 from the Sigur Ros video "Heima".

    Its a 12 minutes piece. And from the minute 4 to the end there is a in crescendo that when you think that it CANT just go higher, when your whole body is in a goosebumping alarm, when it seems like it has reach its maximum climax... it continues to grow more and more...

  • (I'll get right on that, but Mixpod.com isn't working right at the moment.)

    So here's me sharing a goosebump moment with you

    So I was reading the book Skeleton Creek, and you had to go this website. So after multiple times of going to the website, I found it has easter egg kind of things. So I clicked on one, and the word DICE appeared, and I clicked on it. It turns out it was a music video from a band named Portfolio Days. And what a song Dice was! I was like Holy Crap! when it went 2:04 and beyond

    www.myspace.com/portfoliodays.com to listen to the full version, but if you really want goosebumps go to www.sarahfincher.com and click the very top window of the building and click DICE

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    • 8. Sep. 2010, 8:24
    I got goosebumps when Meg started crying while Jack was playing "I am lonely but I ain't that lonely yet" on the "Under Great White Northern Lights" DVD.

    • fer75011 schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 21. Sep. 2010, 12:41
    I've just bought a ticket to see Godspeed you! Black Emperor in january...

    That has been a HUGE goosebump moment...


  • i had just a goosebump moment, when i played along this song with my bass
    Echo An Eternity

  • I saw Weezer play Only In Dreams live.....

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    • Benutzer
    • 2. Okt. 2011, 5:35

    3 moments

    Eh 3 had several. but i remember clearly
    1. SOMETHING ABOUT US - Interstella 5555 by Daft Punk, this part of the movie is so beauty, was the first time i saw her.
    2. Scatterheart/I´ll see all- Dancer in the dark by Björk, dramatic and wear songs.
    3. Not much, On melancholy hill- by Gorillaz delicious & subtle just listen and remember how much i like this band, specially Damon Abarn.

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    • 16. Sep. 2012, 11:47
    Watching Scout Niblett live on stage. Especially "My Beloved" gave me shivers.

    They don't trust us, why should we trust them, then?
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