MTV European Music Awards Munich

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    • Benutzer
    • 6. Sep. 2007, 19:20

    MTV European Music Awards Munich

    Hey folks.

    On 1 November, this year's MTV EMA are going to be in Germany!

    For the first time in the history of the EMA, YOUR voice is carrying weight.

    Vote for Muse in the following categories:

    Rock Out
    Most Addictive (with any song of Muse you like)
    Album (for their recent album Black Holes and Revelations)

    It's possible to give all those categories a dignified winner if we keep together!

    VOTE NOW. (MTV EMA Voting)

  • haha, already done! this year I have voted for them whenever possible, Ema'07, VMA'07, and alot of others! I'm sure they'll win!

    ...And it scares the hell out of me
    And the end is all I can see...
    • [Gelöschter Benutzer] schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 9. Sep. 2007, 11:26
    Yay thanks!

    Could you give me the link for the VMA please?

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