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Depeche Mode bandmember. Mr. Gore is responsible for the main songwriting and compositions for the band.

Has released two solo albums, containing covers of music that has...

Martin L. Gore

Martin Lee Gore (born July 23, 1961 in Basildon, Essex, England) has been a member of the band Depeche Mode since its inception in 1980.

When Vince Clarke departed the band in 1981 after their debut album Speak & Spell, Gore became the main songwriter of Depeche Mode. Currently he mostly plays guitar and sings background vocals, although he also has some keyboard duties.

Because of his soft and sometimes even frail-sounding, beautiful alto, Gore also sings lead vocals in several of the band's songs, mainly those that could be classified as Depeche's softer (love) ballads.

Martin L. Gore has released two solo albums, containing covers of music that's influenced him, Counterfeit (1989) and Counterfeit 2 (2003).

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