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One of the best guitarists on this planet. Feel free to join if you admire Marks beautiful clean parts and really heavy riffs in Creeds and Alter Bridges music!

Mark Thomas Tremonti was born in Detroit at April 17th 1974. He bought his first Gibson Les Paul -copy guitar when he was at the age of 11. He is most known for being the lead guitarist in former band Creed. Nowadays he plays in Alter Bridge. Mark writes music, lyrics and contributes backing vocals.
His favourite guitarist is Stevie Ray Vaughan. Mark plays with a PRS Tremonti Model Guitars. He has 2 Black, 1 Tribal, and 1 Tiger Eye model that have fixed bridges, while his Charcoal Burst, Dark Cherry, and Platinum guitars have floating vibrato bridges. He also has one black model that has only 3 knobs. He also uses Taylor acoustic guitars. He plays with Jim Dunlop Jazz III picks.
* Mesa Boogie 4x12 and 2x15 cabinets
* Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
* Orange amplification has been added to Mark's repertoire
* 1968 Marshall "Plexi" head
* Morley Mark Tremonti Power Wah
* TC Electronic G-Force effects processor
* Custom Audio Electronics Power Conditioner
* VooDoo Labs Ground Control Pro
* Ibanez Tube Screamer
* Bogner Uberschall
* Behringer EQ
* Mackie Mixing Board
* Avalon Mic Preamp
* Fender Twin '65 Reissues
* Fender Tone King
* Occasionally uses Diezel amps
Part of information from wikipedia.

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