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For the fans of M-Lo, all around the world.

She's just 18. But she's a Goddess. High Fashion. Fiercest Singer Ever. She's Mariana Monteith Lopez, also known as M-Lo.


It is about her rival, Japa, whose name cannot be revealed and fun bitchiness.
February/March 2011
Singles: Tags & Secadores, Boscuit, Casas Marybraz

Babys and Marys EP
Just an EP, with only 5 tracks. It is her comeback.
September 2011
Singles: Na Edge Do Deus Javé, Cristais Glamour

Six Flags
Mariana Lopez's music is about innovation. This album is entirely made of Merry-Go-Round, Carrousel songs.
Early October 2011
Singles: Rolling Thunder (A Arrastada), Roda-Gigante (feat. Scarlet Takes a Tumble), Medusa.

Back To 32
It is about herself and her original style. There is not a lot of glamour and perfidy. It has a real feel to it. A deluxe version of this album was released.
Mid October 2011
Singles: Latrell's Theme, Nasceu Desse Jeitinho, Not Your Maid, Spirit Melody

Great Adventure
This is almost a sequel to Six Flags, but she doesn't enjoy her experience. It is made for easier listening, the tracks are shorter and catchier.
Late October 2011
Singles: Sem Mapa (Perdida), Splash Frenético

M-Lo is also about ethnicity. Oasis/Mirage is hot, sensual. There is a gypsy feel to it, but Mary calls it "Ahapea'd".
Early November 2011
Singles: Ternura Cool, Scarabi, Santa (feat. Tunak)

It is about emotions, uplift, experiences. She wanted to be inspirational. There is a bit of everything in this album: sorrow, joy, despair, anger, fear, lust, surprise. It is M-Lo's personal favorite.
Mid November 2011
Singles: Amusing Duck, Label Curto, Travessia Para A Montanha, Voodoo, Asas De Galinha, Infinite Luv, Infinite Hate

It is another "Ahapea'd" album, just more focused about climate, cactus, dances and dunes. She made a "hot" album, even though it was almost winter.
Late November 2011
Singles: Tesouro Do Oceano (feat. Nescau), Rain Dance, Sphinx

Not quite a Director's Cut, but a new version of all her songs that were number one in the Trainwreck Charts. Lophophora's singles were not included. No singles or new songs were released.
Early December 2011

M-Lo's Christmas album. It doesn't talk about dragons at all, it is just a play with the word Wyvern, that reminds her of Winter and Inverno. She also likes Delibirds and decided to put one in the cover. It is not only about Christmas, it is about HER christmas. No singles were released.
Mid December 2011

Diamondatrix: The Mixtape
10 original songs, based on fans' requests. She wanted to have fun while writing, so the songs are random and funny. No singles were released.
Early January 2012

Blue Ivy
It's like an early spring. Joyful tunes paired with flowers and trees, made this new album. It's a stunning and regal experience.
January 2012
Singles: Petúnias, Enterrada Em Seu Jardim, Blue Ivy, Growing Lights, Última Rosa Do Verão

Manager - EP
A response to the company Mad House. It made her old label, Bahamas Records, bankrupt. It has 7 tracks, only one being new.
Singles: Mad House

Mariana was making another Ahapea'd album, but it was cancelled. Instead, she started recording "Intoxicbella".

It's M-Lo's comeback. It's all about intoxibellas, branding and experiences. She tells us how she feels about Clarilla, about the long wait for a lame-ass catalog, or how delicious and zagilicious she is and doesn't need to do anything to be it.
March/April 2012
Singles: Fênix Radiante, Efeito De Ilusão, Lavender Hell, Teia De Luz, Zagilicious (feat. Kristen Evans)

I - Doom Desire
II - Solemn Wish
III - Crystal Dream
IV - Brutal Will

She's talking about, well, want. How far can you go for something you wish? Do you deserve what you get? It's a fun album as always, but there are deeper meanings in the songs. It's so natural you think it's mysterious.

Evil Vultures
M-Lo's first soundtrack. It is dark and scary, just like her tracks "Teimosia" and "Lavender Hell". The main character is stuck in a labyrinth, but in the end, it's just a cloudy golf course and she's imagining all the creatures because she ran out of stock options. No singles will be released.

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