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If you like Traditional and Classic, Instrumental Middle East Music - this is your group! It's all about Taqasim, Oud, Samai, Longa, Dulab, Dastgah, Daramand, Taksim, Buzuq, Kemance, Baglama, Saz,...

This is a group for listeners & lovers of traditional, classic, folk, instrumental Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, North African music.

Maqam (Makam, Mugam, Dastgah) is the modal structure that characterizes the art of music of countries in North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia (like the Ragas in Indian music). In this area we can distinguish four main musical cultures which all belong to the Maqam family, namely the Kurdish, the Persian, the Arabic and the Turkish. (Read more here)

The Maqam Playlist --> From Morocco to Pakistan

More infos about the maqam system -->

The Maqam Tag --> Maqam - Tag

The Maqam Tag Radio --> Maqam - Radio

If you are playing or learning to play Middle East instruments (e.g. Oud, Kanun, Nay, Santoor ...) you will benefit from the music we collect in this group. Therefore, it would be helpful if you tag all instrumental Middle East music that is related to Maqam with "maqam" (e.g. Taqasim, Samai, Dulab, Longa, Bashraf, Peshrev...). Thanks.

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