• 03.18.2012

    19. Mär. 2012, 1:29 von pantseeker

    Had a beautiful trip back home - Omaha has missed my face - and I had missed it.

    St. Patty's day was yesterday - got shitfaced, and good times were had by all.
    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, Irish or not~
    I feel like I have only just returned from vacation, but in reality I have just been lazy these past 3 days or so - and accomplished little more than a clean house, and some levels in Rappelz..

    I need some new music - drop me something in my inbox - I've cleaned it out just now and it's ready for some more love. ;)
    Don't suggest shit I won't like, check my artists list first. ;P

    My Fruity Loops is acting up again, and I think I'll have to re-install.. I've been putting it off for some time now, which is where my music has disappeared to, but promises promises I will do something about it eventually..

    Well, stay classy last fm - drop me those suggestions in my inbox ♔ kthanxbai

  • 01.22.2012

    23. Jan. 2012, 3:23 von pantseeker


    23. Aug. 2011, 2:49 von pantseeker

    WHAT IS IT - for real, what is it? I don't know...:

    I want to know - so comment me if you know..
  • Creative non-fiction: My parody bulletin: A tribute to dumb and annoying

    30. Nov. 2010, 21:24 von adhoclobster

    oh hells YeaH!!! you opened this and sonow you have to compleat this surVey an repost iF u dont SATAn will materialize in front of u and piss on you're leg. Alot!!! IF you Plz fill this out and REPOST as BULLETTEN thn child in china will be saved. we all gotta prove support that we love the children so cum on guys do this .
    make sure you repost as 'Proove that U dont hate Children"

    >>are you stupid LoL! ?

    >> do you get horn33 like all humans?

    >>everybodies dieing to no yur favorate color so what is it

    )5.R you a empty fanboy of the [insert relevant decade here] huh you think you are well then tell me what year it was?

    >what time is it right now?

    >>what about now hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha jis playin ;p?

    >>do u put on close when you go outside or before that?

    :>>are the kind of person that eat food?

    >>will you DIE? how come where what day

    >>when you sleep what it is in then? at night or day or other? why?

    >>if youre hott do you flunt it if no then your fugly! and i hate you?

    >>how many dance partners Have you slept with ssense you started filling this out?

    >>willl you show me ur nekkid type speed?

    >>list all the movies, albums, books, school chums and foods youve every read in less then 50 seconds can you?

    >>if youre species was dog would u play fech with men or not like dogs?

    >>do you have an age?

    .>who is yo' daddy and whut deos he do?

    >6.)is youre left leg differant then the other yur right leg?

    >> you may B soft indside cause do you lick bunnies and cuddeling be honest?

    >>what do you have a name?

    >>do you drink milk and cry then you spill it ??
    >>name 88 things u could live without ..

    >>Y R U feeling this out?

    >>Do you ride STICK?

    >>do you have a sense of smill?

    >>were you born?

    >>did you notice that this surveY sucks on question 5 and 6?

    >>if you had million $$ what denomonations will bills be in?

    >>have you ever had seXX or thought about it before who would you do?

    >>has another human being ever made you attracted at them what is there name adress & phn number?

    >>for comando do U rather have boxers briefs boxerbreifs?

    >>do you use words when you talke?

    >>did yuo kiss you're mother with that mouth?


    list your anme and tell how you will win one belowe:

    1. Stev Normo
    by shizzlin' it, PLAyA wut wut! LOL
  • Application for Wizard Initiation; Survey 1.1

    30. Nov. 2010, 20:54 von adhoclobster

    This isn't hard. It's a survey, except this one is actually fun and interesting. You can answer however you feel, with as much or little detail as you like. Fill it out and re-post as a bulletin (or blog) if you like, or don't. You can take it seriously or as a nice quick dip of the bare feet into derangement and oddity. It's intended as a good mix of surrealism and philosophy (and stupid humor), in other words, a survey that's finally as much or more thought provoking and/or fun to read as it is to fill out. Alright, go. Now. Stop reading this.

    01. How was your day, dear?

    02. Is the penis mightier?

    03. Are you alive?

    04. Do you think that Smarties taste like chalk, and if yes, how the hell do you know what chalk tastes like?

    05. Do you believe in "right and wrong"? (It would be much more interesting if you would) Explain (if you like).

    06. Do you have a sexual fetish? What is/are it/they, if yes?

    07. Chocolate or cheese?

    08. Give me a ratio, how old you are : how young you feel.

    09. What would win in a fight between a pen and a pencil?

    10. Be honest; are homosexuals gay?

    11. True or false? Jesus was a white dude with long brown hair and a beard.

    12. If you were given a piece of paper and a choice, would you rather draw or write?

    13. Is skateboarding a sport? Hackey sack? Paper rock scissors?

    14. If you had a hammer would you hammer in the morning, and in the evening, all over this land? why or why not?

    15. Which would be worse, to be blind or to be deaf? (If from birth, then for both; if suddenly, then suddenly for both. Let's make this equal and fair)

    16. Why is the United States the only industrialized nation in the entire world that has not at least experimented with hemp to see if it has any viable benefit for us economically or otherwise, let alone actually to start growing and using it (seeing as how it definitely is viable in more ways than economical)?

    17. Do loaded questions bother you?

    18. Do you have a soul? If yes, can i have it?

    19. Where do you go when you dream?

    20. If the statement "no statement is true" is true, then it must be false. Is that interesting?

    21. Do you believe in other dimensions?

    22. Which were cooler when you were a kid, dinosaurs or airplanes? If neither, what the fuck was your problem?

    23. Is there a ninja behind you now? How do you know for sure?

    24. If you were a wizard what color robe would you wear? Would you have a beard? What kind of animal familiar would you have? What kind of magic would you perform? Would you charge for you services? Can you help me turn my enemies into one hundred dollar bills?

    25. Do statistics successfully persuade you?

    26. When you hear the word "country," Which of the following definitions do you immediately think of?
    a) the country—rural areas
    b) country music
    c) a nation
    d) none of the above
    e) all of the above
    f) the word "country"
    g) my hometown
    h) Amur'ca, g'damm't
    i) I think this question is stupid (because I am in fact myself stupid)

    27. Do you think it is more likely that natural disaster will wipe us out or that we will blow ourselves up with technology?

    28. Think of nothing, right now. Can you do it? Oh yeah!? Then, tell me about nothing, asshole.

    29. Which of these terms is the "biggest": reality, life, the universe?

    30. If you could have any superpower, what would you want? Just one, and what would your superhero name be? Describe your costume and sidekick.

    31. Does God place dice?

    32. If you could have a clone of yourself, but in order to start the procedure you'd have to impregnate a digital duplicate of yourself via virtual reality heavy petting, would you do it? In other words, there's this voyeuristic mad scientist, genius but perverted . . .

    33. Are sex toys gross, whatever, funny, cool, or essential?

    34. Do you think downloading music is more like sharing or stealing? Either way, you're either a filthy communist or a filthier pirate.

    35. Hypothetically, if Satan could be forgiven and return to heaven, do you think he would?

    36. Is a spork the equal of both its counterparts, or does it lose a little something from each in its mishmash makeup?

    37. If you were being attacked and the only thing in your immediate reach was a hot pot of coffee, would you describe the pot as half full or half empty when you told the story later about how you took down the burglar and called the police?

    38. Pets: bugs, dogs, cats, fishes, birds, rodents, unicorns, lizards, or rocks?

    39. Salt or pepper?

    40. What is your biggest pet peeve?

    41. Would you rather watch a reality TV show involving a group of people in the process of making a documentary or a documentary about reality TV shows?

    42. What's the shortest full sentence you can think of?

    43. Do you identify better with your gender or the opposite?

    44. Do you think that we send people to prison more for the purpose of revenge, punishment or determent?

    45. Does the line "I will think about you daily" become more poetic when rearranged "about you daily I shall think"? Hint: there is only one right answer here.

    46. You encounter a god one day, and he offers you godlike strength in exchange for a candy bar. You happen to have a candy bar. Do you accept? If you do, the god explains that your new power will be nearly infinite, save for one weak spot somewhere on your body which if punctured in any way will render you normal again. You get to decide where the weak spot will be. Where will it be? If you don't except, then you must have a really good candy bar, like peanut butter Twix, and I demand you share it with me.

    47. You are granted two full sentences to your pet which will be understood and responded to limited to two full sentences in your language. You can ask one question and make one statement. What would these be? What pet would you talk to? How do you think your pet would respond?

    48. Do you believe in telekinesis? Raise my hand.

    49. Do terrible jokes bother you?

    50. There is a dissertation about you. No, there isn't really, but say there is. What is the title? Or maybe it's a play. Is it a comedy or a tragedy? Or maybe it's a movie. What genre is the movie, and what actor do you want to portray you?

    51. Which scene would be the hardest to write?
    a) vampire-zombie-werewolf fight
    b) vampire-zombie-werewolf orgy
    c) a chess game between Stephen Hawking and The Count from Sesame Street?
    d) a hip-hop battle written in Olde English
    e) the opening to a porn involving nothing but Quakers
    f) a battle scene for a Teletubbies musical

    Why do people think Chuck Norris is such a badass, when really he's a bible-thumping moron, and especially in light of the fact that even Bruce Lee's zombie could take him down with its arms dismembered and tied behind its back?
  • Brytole komediowe i inne szkodniki.

    8. Mär. 2009, 18:15 von Maplax

    Jako żem oglądam dziesiątki seriali komediowych (rekompensują mi one wrodzony brak poczucia humoru), chciałbym by jak najwięcej osób je znało! Więc taki krótki przegląd, wg krajów, a następnie chronologicznie.

    * UK:

    [1969] Monty Python Flying Circus - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Yup, największa klasyka, od tego się zaczęło. Reformatorzy humoru w tv, nie trzeba przedstawiać. 10/10

    [1975] Fawlty Towers - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Życiowa rola Johna Cleese'a! Do tego świetny Basil! Pewien angielski minister pod wpływem skarg na moralność w współczesnych komediach, proponował by twórcy mogli robić tylko seriale w stylu GRZECZNEGO Hotelu Zacisze... Cóż, spytajmy się Niemców czy uważaję że odcinek o nich był grzeczny! 9/10

    [1982] Allo 'Allo! - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Ty głupia kobieto, czy klasykę muszę przedstawiać?! Wolę pisać o mniej sławnych serialach. Ten zawsze z tatą oglądałem 9/10

    [1983]Black Adder - [fw] [1]- Ah, Rowa Atkinson, Hugh Laurie i Stepthen Fry w jednym serialu, więc odrazu można założyć że świetność. Miłe, ciekawe, inteligentne, ale trochę powolne - oraz średnia pierwsza seria. Ale niech ma 8+/10!

    [1988] Red Dwarf - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Serial Sci-fiction, trochę raczej czeski humor. Delikatne, subtelne, miłe, humor postaciowy. I STEPHEN HAWKING JEST TEGO FANEM~! 9+/10

    [1989]A Bit of Fry and Laurie - [fw] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] - Ah, Hugh Laurie i Stephen Fry w własnym serialu! Dużo absurdu w dużej ilości grze słów, ale siłę wyjątkowości zawdzięcza łamaniu schematów zwykłych skeczy, jak chociażby przerywanie ich w połowie i komentarze do publiki. Świetne [: . 9/10

    [1990] Mr. Bean - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Klasyk. Rowan Atkinson w najbardziej znanej roli. 8/10

    [1994] The Day Today - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] - Pierwsze dzieło mego idola, Pana Chrisa Morrisa! Pięknie obnaża działanie mediów. Ciężko coś powiedzieć, trzeba zobaczyć. Aha, bardzo obrazoburczy. 9+/10

    [1994] Fast Show - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] - Jeden z lepszych seriali, można powiedzieć pierwowzór Little Britain, lecz znacznie lepszy. Krótkie scenki, w tym dużo wyśmiewających konwenkcje filmowe. W rolach gościnnych Johnny Depp się nawet pojawił! 9+/10

    [1997] Brass Eye - [fw] [1] [2] [3] - Kolejne chore show Pana Chrisa Morrisa. Znacznie bardziej obrazoburcze, trzeci program w angielskiej telewizji pod względen ilości skarg. Parodia specialnych programów telewizyjnych: 6 odcinków - zwierzęta, narkotyki, seks, nauka, przestępstwa, upadek społeczeństwa. I specjalny odcinek o pedofilii. Mark Heap w kilku rolach także. Brilliant! 9/10

    [1998] Big Train - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] [4] - cholernie oryginalne skecze, a do tego mistrzowska obsada. Ludzi ciągnie do tego Simon Pegg, ale to Mark Heap jest tu prawdziwie genialny. I Kevin Eldon niezły, i aktorki też o dziwo. Oryginalnie, absurdalnie, zabawnie! 8+/10

    [1999] Spaced - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Ekipa od Wysypu Żywych Trupów i Hot Fuzz, zanim realizowała te filmy. Fajny, sympatyczny, lekki serial. Co dziwne - optymistyczny i surrealistyczny. I świetny Mark Heap jako Brian. I boski montaż. Miłe. 8/10

    [2000] Black Books - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Bernard Black, Irlandczyk, inteligentny, lecz zarazem dziecinny właściciel księgarni nienawidzący swoich klientów, Manny - współpracownik, którego Bernard traktuje jak dziecko oraz Fran, zajmującą się tą dwójką. Scenarzyści Ci sami co stworzyli The IT Crowd. 9/10

    [2000] Coupling - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Takie jakby Friends, lecz amerykański humor zastąpiony angielskim +... "serial w 100% o seksie". Genialna postać Jeffa, i dla niego warto oglądać. 9-/10.

    [2000] Jam - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Jeszcze bardziej chory i przerażający show Pana Morrisa. I co najważniejsze - bardzo oryginalny. I Mark Heap. 9+/10

    [2002] Look Around You - [1] [2] [3] - Uwielbiam gadanie głupot w pełni poważnym tonem! Wspaniała parodia programów naukowych z lat '80. Simon Pegg, Nick Frost i Edgar Wright w gościnnych rolach. [: . 9/10

    [2003] Little Britain - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Moim subiektywnym zdaniem - mocno niewykorzystany materiał. Przesadna wtórność kawałów, lecz niektóre postacie i skecze są wyborne! Sebastian~! 7+/10

    [2003] Peep Show - [fw] - Nietypowo kręcony serial - z oczu dwójki bohaterów, granych przez Davida Mitchell'a i Roberta Webb'a. Motyw przewodni - seks, zaleta przewodnia - identyfikuje się z nimi człowiek jak cholera. Pierwsze sezony po prostu prześmiewcze, ale ciągłe coraz większe porażki bohaterów, są wręcz depresyjne. Co nie zmienia faktu że serial w każdym odcinku cholernie zabawny! 9-/10

    [2004] The Mighty Boosh - [fw] Niezwykle proste, lecz piękne! No i mają dużo fajnych piosenek! 9-/10

    [2004] Garth Marenghi's Darkplace - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Ah, czy jest coś równie charakterystycznego i kiczowatego w kinematografii, jak horrory z lat '80? Nie ma, i Richard Ayoade (Moss z IT Crowd) wykorzystał to, tworząc świetną parodię tego nurtu! 9+/10

    [2006] That Mitchell and Webb Look - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Inteligentne, subtelne i oryginalne żarty. Ale niektóre słabe.. Kolejne dzieło Mitchella i Webba. 8+/10

    [2006] The IT Crowd - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - To co teraz cool i trendy - serial o informatykach, typowych nerdach. Kilka wspaniałych odcinków, do tego grają w nim Chris Morris oraz Matt Berry! 8+/10

    * USA

    [1972] M*A*S*H - Mądrze, zabawnie, odważnie, pacyfistycznie, inteligentnie nawet czasem. 9/10

    [1987] Married... with Children - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Klasyk. 7+/10

    [1988] Mystery Science Theater 3000 - [fw] [1] [2] [3] - prosty motyw, wyśmiewanie bardzo, ale to bardzo tragicznych filmów klasy Z. Świetny humor, wiele świetnych nawiązań, Frank Zappa fanem był, a do tego South Park od tego wziął "they killed Kenny - You Bustard!". Odcinek trwa 1,5 godziny, 190 odcinków. 9/10

    [1999] Whose line is it anyway? - [1] [2] [3] - Inscenizowany kabaret, bardzo dobry zresztą. Colin i Ryan <3~! 8+/10

    [1999] Futurama - [fw]] - Serial twórców Simpsonów, gdzie sam autor twierdzi że woli Futuramę niż Simpsonów. Całkiem sympatyczne, zwłaszcza robot, typowy przedstawiciel klasy średniej. 8+/10

    [2001] Scrubs - [fw] [1] [2] [3] - Perypetie młodych lekarzy, każdy odcinek z morałem, świetne postaci, Haus perfidnie niektóre sceny ściąga z tego serialu. Za 8 sezonów: 9+/10

    [2007] Whitest Kids U Know - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Bestialskie, rasistowskie, płytkie i mocno absurdalne. Czasem miło pooglądać takie coś dla odmiany. [: 8+/10

    * Kanada

    [1988] The Kids in the Hall - [fw] - [1] [2] [3] - Specyficzny Kanadyjski humor, ale ja uwielbiam. No i sympatyczni komicy, często przebierający się za kobitki, oraz pełno rocka!! 9/10

    [1993] This Hour has 22 Minutes - [1] [2] [3] - Program satyryczny, ukazujący wydarzenia i tredny z całego świata z innego punktu widzenia. Całkiem sympatyczne, lubię Kanadyjczyków. 8/10

    * Australia

    [1998] The Micallef Program - [1] [2] [3] - Typowy angielski humor, poukładany niczym prawo. Miły, sympatyczny. I arogancki przeciw Brytolom. Pokręcone jak sama Australia. 8/10

    * Polska:
    *Może nie tyle seriale komediowe, lecz zdecydowanie warte uwagi.*

    [1984] Kabaret Potem - [1] [2] [3] - najlepszy polski kabaret. Uwielbiam Władka Sikorę [: . 9+/10

    [1989] Za chwilę dalszy ciąg programu - [1] [] [3] [4] - "telewizyjny program satyryczny Wojciecha Manna i Krzysztofa Materny reprezentujący inteligentny typ poczucia humoru."/by wiki. Czyli że mam inteligentny typ poczucia humoru? D: 10-/10

    Hausaufgabe fur mich:
    'A League of Gentlemen', 'Let The Blood Run Free', 'You Rang, M'lord?', 'Yes, Minister', 'Keeping Up Appearances', 'Nathan Barley', 'Snuff Box', 'Nevermind The Buzzcocks', 'Mock The Week', 'QI', 'Not the Nine O'Clock News'.

    Czegoś brakuje, jakieś uwagi? Proszę pisać, proszę bardzo, chcę byście pisali!

  • Why my top 15 suck

    27. Apr. 2010, 3:02 von soundhead801

    I was inspired by this bloke here and thought I too would demonstrate my incredible skills of not taking music seriously.

    Band Of Susans play an ugly, grimy NYC version of shoegaze and wrote songs about nuclear war and the proletariat, and are now utterly forgotten by everyone, including some of their former members probably. Wait, why don't hipsters adore this band yet? Maybe they're all misogynists.

    Amon Düül II Most people probably couldn't tell the difference between them and Pink Floyd except by careful listening, which would reveal that their songs all remain at the phase of "hazy formless jamming" without ever settling on any sort of tune except maybe in the last minute or so.

    Thin White Rope I honestly couldn't explain why I like this band. Their dirty, hairy guitarist even played nude on a bet once, and I had the misfortune of running across the video on YouTube. Fuck the internet.

    Boris Just browse around their shoutbox for a few minutes. And you can never tell just how seriously they take their music. I mean the wooooing drummer guy sounds like he does, but I don't know.

    Cul de Sac Well they made a few albums of twangy surf guitar with annoying electronic buzzes and whooshes overlaid, and they're the first band ever to be called "post-rock", which ushered in that wonderful age of obsessive and utterly meaningless band-labeling that we all bask in today.

    King Crimson Robert Fripp is a massively pretentious twat who likely has Asperger's. He charges too much for CDs, he won't let any King Crimson be played on the radio here, and he has his lawyer persistently take down every single KC vid that gets posted on YouTube. Few people can boast of having greater contempt for their own fans. Or maybe he just thinks he's such a magnificent commodity that we don't need to actually hear any of his music to buy up whatever comes out.

    Spiritualized I stopped following them after "Songs in A&E" because it sounded exactly, and I do mean exactly, how I vaguely imagined the new Spiritualized album would sound. Maybe I'm the only one. Maybe me and Jason Pierce have some kind of crazy brain link going. But in any case it's hard to not be a bit disappointed.

    Swans Again, just look at the shoutbox. And Michael Gira deserves some kind of recognition both for being a towering, monolithic bastion of artistic integrity, but also having comparatively minuscule songwriting ability. Do any of his songs other than the industrial sludge not have clumsy lyrics? And speaking of minuscule, you'll get a nice good look at his cock if you visit the page right now. I guess public castration was a good idea.

    Gong Hoo boy, a nice slow one. Gong are the most stereotypical hippies you will ever see. They're still around today, and they're just as stereotypical as ever, except maybe Hillage, who had a real career. If your friends ever hear you listening to this band, you will for sure never live it down. Unless your friends are the sort who wear hemp sandals.

    Brian Eno I could complain that his own artistic inclinations have imprisoned him in the very genre he created. But he also made all the default Windows sounds, apparently. So fuck you for that, Brian Eno.

    Killing Joke As my peer has mentioned, their music is generally "ugly", though more than that, it's extremely repetitive and extremely repetitive. What's really worth mentioning though, is that Jaz Coleman is completely batshit bonkers. He's more crazy than Anton Newcombe and Syd Barrett stapled together. Reading his interviews is probably more entertaining than any of the music.

    Faust I guess the biggest reason I like this band is that I like to imagine the board room at Polydor Records when they played their first album there for the first time. The one that was supposed to come from the "German Beatles." The one they had written themselves into a contract for, by which they would release and market it no matter what. Listen to that album and imagine that room full of suits. That's comedy. No real reason to listen to it otherwise though.

    Can I'm surprised more people don't complain about Malcolm Mooney being replaced with a bleary-eyed Japanese hobo who was high out of his mind through the entire '70s. Then again, there aren't many other people who could tolerate 21-hour recording sessions.

    Hawkwind Someone said "it's just pub rock with wooshes over the top" which may be right, except I've no idea what "pub rock" is, but I'd bet Hawkwind invented it. What's often forgotten though, is that they're still trudging along today, 40 years on, and have been dropping out albums on a semi-regular basis in that time too. But they should really just change the name to "Dave Brock Doesn't Know Any Other Way to Pay the Bills" at this point.

    Loop Oh boy, this really reflects badly on me as the #1. Loop wrote maybe three songs at most, and spread them out over three albums. It's ironic but unintentional that it's threes, as in Spacemen 3, because I'm not going to say Loop ripped them off. Pete Kember claimed that, and Pete is colossal twat who I'm pretty sure has pissed on everyone he's ever worked with. He said that heroin is perfectly good for you, and was still living with his mum during the band's lifetime. Yeah, I'm trashing Pete instead of Loop, but he really deserves it. Plus if you can imagine Spacemen 3 on the worst acid trip imaginable that's more or less what Loop sound like.
  • New Year's Day

    31. Dez. 2008, 9:39 von koopatroopa_

    While ultimately it doesn't matter if your attempts at personal development are made chronologically tidy, it used to bug me that whatever things I was trying to pursue would be pushed back so far off in the calendar that I would suddenly consider doing it by New Year's day. The notion that I would be, in essence, performing a New Year's Resolution felt like a trivialization of it, and I would even actually postpone my goals just to avoid any possible comparison.

    In some instances, I'd forget the resolution altogether, and I'd be right back when I started from.

    Don't ever, ever, think like this. There's no better time than the present. Even if it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years' Eve Eve, New Years Eve, or even New Years Day. It's not the calendar that needs dicipline, it's you.
  • New Year

    1. Jan. 2008, 12:00 von koopatroopa_

    In the night before days like this one, a few good folks and I would, in spite of the larger, more successful gatherings surrounding us, take part in what would later be dubbed "Music Wars". The goal of Music Wars was to simply drown or replace the opposition's party noise with our own.

    The earliest instance of Music Wars I could recall was a inside my cousin Adam's (alias gatchaponkei) former garage, where all of us, kazoo's in hand, tried to outdo the stereo system. That or at least get the older bunch to turn it off in favor of us. We succeeded only in attracting a few passing glances.

    Fast forward six or seven years later to a barely pubescent version of us, cold and in the backyard of my Grandma's House, focusing our attention to the loud neighbors across the brick wall separating us both. Armed with a small boombox and some CD-ROM's, we "fired" an over modulated soundtrack to Microsoft's Midtown Madness (Chicago Edition). We played that because, quite simply, that's all we had and probably listened to back then. While we all thought we were fighting the good fight and making a difference, in truth our sound probably didn't get over the brick wall, much less penetrate the neighbor's thick mariachi bass.

    This went on for subsequent New Years Eve's, and while I don't think we ever caught anyone's "real" attention, we did, in some moments, got the back door closed on us by one of our own. Not quite success, but a reaction nonetheless. Thinking about it now, it was all clearly stemmed as a combined attempt to get attention.

    Go another ten years, and now the four of us were hauling outside Grandma's karaoke machine, and we began to sing songs we knew rather unscrupulously. Even though we didn't try to engage in sonic combat, what later resulted was the others in attendance coming outside, pointing their cell phones, digital cameras and camcorders at us, which for better, will stay on someone's personal collection, or for worse, YouTube.

    While I couldn't ever justify a "Music War" these days, for obvious reasons, I say if you got noise space to fill, especially in days like this, then by all means use it.

    Go on, and please be safe and don't get caught by a stray bullet, and find something to do when the morning comes.
  • Releasing the Chi

    13. Jun. 2007, 15:58 von dianashamilton

    After all these years and all his bluster, baggage, beefiness etc, I still have a soft spot for William Shatner, a man who really seems to take "all the world's a stage" to heart.

    Huge thanks to emn_agent_g (presumably Greg Deocampo of Eclectic Method and/or formerly Emergency Broadcast Network?) for a memorable entertainment product:


    ...EDIT: Found the um, smudgier version to embed below. But the link above is a bit better.

    ...And a few-sec longer prerelease version since the other links may now be problematic?

    ...And here is the substrate- fertile material!