• My Recomended Songs

    31. Okt. 2009, 13:25 von Lipashx

    Recommended Songs (sorted by most recommended songs)

    Headstrong : Trapt (Score = 971.37)-Hearing, Knowing, Loving
    Cold : Crossfade (Score = 927.49)
    Always : Saliva (Score = 776.94)-H,K,L
    Paralyzer : Finger Eleven (Score = 712.02)
    Open Your Eyes : Guano Apes (Score = 708.71)-HKL
    Breathe Into Me : Red (Score = 685.98)
    Addicted : Saving Abel (Score = 682.37)
    Lips Of An Angel : Hinder (Score = 676.92)
    Crawling in the Dark : Hoobastank (Score = 662.46)
    Through Glass : Stone Sour (Score = 659.03)
    Wasteland : 10 Years (Score = 651.65)
    It's Not Over : Daughtry (Score = 629.85)
    Blurry : Puddle of Mudd (Score = 615)-HKL
    From Yesterday : 30 Seconds to Mars (Score = 610.14)
    Fake It : Seether (Score = 606.16)-K
    Broken : 12 Stones (Score = 602.95)
    Comatose : Skillet (Score = 597.64)
    The Way You Like It : Adema (Score = 555.61)
    Wasting My Time : Default (Score = 551.06)
    Scars : Papa Roach (Score = 532.85)-HKL
    Bad Girlfriend : Theory of a Deadman (Score = 516.6)
    One Last Breath : Creed (Score = 509.61)
    45 : Shinedown (Score = 503.14)-HKL
    The Red : Chevelle (Score = 501.69)
    Better Than Me : Hinder (Score = 500.89)
    All The Same : Sick Puppies (Score = 495.86)
    Not Meant To Be : Theory of a Deadman (Score = 490.39)
    Out Of Control : Hoobastank (Score = 484.14)
    Open Your Eyes : Alter Bridge (Score = 484.08)
    So Far Away : Staind (Score = 482.37)
    Fully Alive : Flyleaf (Score = 476.14)
    Youth of the Nation : P.O.D. (Score = 466.22)
    Colors : Crossfade (Score = 456.57)
    Wherever You Will Go : The Calling (Score = 456.38)-HKL
    Hemorrhage (In My Hands) : Fuel (Score = 450.33)
    All Around Me : Flyleaf (Score = 443.2)
    March Out Of The Darkness : Papa Roach (Score = 438.51)-HK
    Outside : Staind (Score = 436.8)
    Cold (But I'm Still Here) : Evans Blue (Score = 432.78)
    Like Suicide : Seether (Score = 432.54)
    Movies : Alien Ant Farm (Score = 431.27)
    She Hates Me : Puddle of Mudd (Score = 424.15)-HKL
    sillyworld : Stone Sour (Score = 414.89)
    Wait : Earshot (Score = 412.33)
    I Stand Alone : Godsmack (Score = 401.77)-KL
    Getting Away With Murder : Papa Roach (Score = 401.27)-HK
    Bad : Michael Jackson (Score = 400)-HKL
    Kryptonite : 3 Doors Down (Score = 397.79)
    Let It Die : Foo Fighters (Score = 396.44)-K
    Second Chance : Shinedown (Score = 391.52)-K
    Bottom of a Bottle : Smile Empty Soul (Score = 390.6)
    Attack : 30 Seconds to Mars (Score = 389.8)
    Get Stoned : Hinder (Score = 389.73)
    Hanging by a Moment : Lifehouse (Score = 387.48)
    With Arms Wide Open : Creed (Score = 382.11)-K
    Show Me How To Live : Audioslave (Score = 381.23)
    Finding Myself : Smile Empty Soul (Score = 378.34)
    Can You Feel It : The Jacksons (Score = 376.84)-HK
    The Kill : 30 Seconds to Mars (Score = 374.77)
    My World : Sick Puppies (Score = 373.81)
    Smooth Criminal : Alien Ant Farm (Score = 369.8)-KL
    Move Along : The All-American Rejects (Score = 367.32)
    Iris : Goo Goo Dolls (Score = 365.5)-K
    Last Train Home : Lostprophets (Score = 361.2)
    Send the Pain Below : Chevelle (Score = 355.69)
    Tear Away : Drowning Pool (Score = 354.67)-KL
    Devour : Shinedown (Score = 351.73)-HK
    Savin' Me : Nickelback (Score = 350.34)-HKL
    So Far Away : Crossfade (Score = 348.66)
    Death of Me : Red (Score = 347.99)
    Hollow : Submersed (Score = 346.2)
    Carnival of Rust : Poets of the Fall (Score = 345.96)
    So Cold : Breaking Benjamin (Score = 337.89)
    Broken Promises : Element Eighty (Score = 335.86)
    Deny : Default (Score = 334.15)
    Be Yourself : Audioslave (Score = 333.79)-HKL
    Over You : Daughtry (Score = 333.18)-HKL
    Here Without You : 3 Doors Down (Score = 332.17)-KL
    If Everyone Cared : Nickelback (Score = 328.95)-HKL
    The Feel Good Drag : Anberlin (Score = 314.72)
    Stupid Girl : Cold (Score = 314.51)
    Calling : Taproot (Score = 312.56)
    Nights Of Love : Papa Roach (Score = 310.66)-HK
    Lie To Me : 12 Stones (Score = 310.2)
    Sorry : Buckcherry (Score = 309.98)
    Over : Evans Blue (Score = 309.92)
    Anna Molly : Incubus (Score = 309.5)
    Ugly : The Exies (Score = 304.03)
    Move : Thousand Foot Krutch (Score = 302.39)
    Judith : A Perfect Circle (Score = 297.09)
    Hell Yeah : Rev Theory (Score = 296.76)-K
    Cover Up : Trapt (Score = 296.04)
    Falling On : Finger Eleven (Score = 292.25)
    Everyday Combat : Lostprophets (Score = 292.13)
    Bodies : Drowning Pool (Score = 291)-K
    Fallen Leaves : Billy Talent (Score = 290.8)
    Lonely Day : System of a Down (Score = 288.79)-KL
    Killing in the Name : Rage Against the Machine (Score = 288.5)-H\K
    When I'm Gone : 3 Doors Down (Score = 283.6)
    Poem : Taproot (Score = 282.31)
  • Michael Jackson

    27. Jun. 2009, 18:37 von Lipashx

    I was always very afraid to be "Into" his music, my bestest of friends was one of his biggest fans, so i found myself, other than the wildly known and semi-loved by me "Billie Jean" and "Beat It", through the "known" Category of "Thriller", "Bad" and "Scream", all the way through the "It's really his?!" that included "Black or White", "Don't Stop Till you get Enough" "Blame it on the Boogie" and the "NEW SHT RIGHT HERE!" that took me to "Morphine" "Smooth Criminal" "Dirty Diana" "2000 Watts" "Ghosts" "2 Bad" and more. I was always afraid to declare myself a fan, and i still don't do that, but the amount of titles i gave here, just from the top of my head, means a lot, about an appreciated artist, that was everything and a bag of controversy chips, full with self-awareness. "Leave Me Alone" He sang. Maybe now, it will finally be given.

    Michael Jackson, RIP
    Michael JacksonMichael Jackson
  • My Music. in order to get friends

    10. Jun. 2009, 11:09 von Lipashx

    I'm into rock, alternative, pop, metal and hard rock, including:
    Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Michael Jackson, Trapt, Puddle of Mudd, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Chris Daughtry, David Cook, Saliva, Black Eyed Peas, Skillet, Alter Bridge, Egypt Central, TRUSTcompany, Sandra, Evanescence, Maroon 5, Creed, Nickelback, Kanye West, Adam Lambert, Santana, Incubus, Busta Rhymes Ft Linkin Park, סינרגיה, Apocalyptia ft Adam Gontier, Bon Jovi, Apocalyptica Feat Three Days Grace, Limp Bizkit, Fozzy, Kevin Figueiredo, Foo Fighters, Mercy Drive, The Zutons, Metallica, The Rasmus, The Great Khali (by Panjabi MC), www.WrestlingMedia.ru, P.O.D., Sonata Arctica, Panjabi MC, Faith No More, Simple Plan, Staind, Mr. President, Lighthouse Family, Hoobastank, Depeche Rock.

    Check out my music taste: http://www.last.fm/user/Lipashx
  • music countdown survey

    24. Mär. 2009, 18:52 von thefuturist88

    10 Songs You Can't Live Without
    Coldplay // Viva la Vida
    Warren Zevon // The French Inhaler
    Led Zeppelin // D'yer Mak'er
    Jackson Browne // The Load-Out
    The Boy Least Likely To // Every Goliath Has Its David
    Billy Joel // Everybody Loves You Now
    The Eagles // Hotel California
    Queen // Bohemian Rhapsody
    Bon Jovi // Dry County
    John Lennon // (Just Like) Starting Over

    9 Favorite Albums
    The Futurist (Robert Downey Jr)
    So Long, Astoria (the Ataris)
    The Best Party Ever (the Boy Least Likely To)
    Closer (Josh Groban)
    These Days (Bon Jovi)
    Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits (Don Henley)
    Excitable Boy (Warren Zevon)
    Two Houses (Paul Gross & David Keeley)
    The Mask and Mirror (Loreena McKennitt)

    8 Artists/Bands You Want To See Live
    Green Day
    Meat Loaf
    The Fratellis
    Jimmy Buffett
    Warren Zevon (unfortunately that can never happen)
    Bon Jovi
    The All-American Rejects

    7 Songs You Love At The Moment
    The Boy Least Likely To // I Keep Myself to Myself
    Warren Zevon &David Lindley // Casey Jones
    Dan Fogelberg // Leader Of The Band
    ABBA// Knowing Me, Knowing You
    The All-American Rejects // Gives You Hell
    Coldplay // Viva la Vida
    Grand Funk Railroad // I'm Your Captain

    6 Artists You Think People Should Know More About
    Warren Zevon
    The Boy Least Likely To
    Vanessa Paradis
    Paul Gross & David Keeley
    Alan Parsons Project
    Kinky Friedman

    5 Concerts You've Been To
    The Ataris & Vendetta Red
    Bob Dylan & Elvis Costello
    Josh Groban
    The Killers
    Jackson Browne

    4 Favorite Artists/Bands Of All Time
    Warren Zevon
    Billy Joel
    The Moody Blues
    Bon Jovi

    3 Bands/Artists You Can't Stand
    Fall Out Boy
    Kanye West
    Hannah Montana

    2 Favorite Genres
    classic rock

    1 Greatest Decade For Music
    the 70s
  • This Is The One track-by-track review

    13. Mär. 2009, 22:03 von Ganny

    This Is The One is the 2nd english album by Utada. The 26-year-old JPop princess decided to bring out another after that horrible bombshell of an album called EXODUS.

    This album does prove, however, that we are finally a part of the internet generation, with references to BlackBerries and PhotoShop among others.

    So, here goes my track-by-track.

    1. On And On
    2. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawerence - FYI
    3. Apple And Cinnamon
    4. Taking My Money Back
    5. This One (Crying Like A Child)
    6. Automatic Part II
    7. Dirty Desire
    8. Poppin'
    9. Come Back To Me
    10. Me Muero
    11. Come Back To Me (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit)
    12. Come Back To Me (Quentin Harris Radio Edit)

    1. On And On

    A nice way to start off the album but it has it's flaws. A nice beat which reminds me a bit of CBTM. I don't really like the guy going 'Argh!' in the background though. The vocals sound kinda forced at the beginning. which kinda disapoints me, 'cuz it's not something I'm used to hearing from Hikki. Still the lyrics aren't bad and the beat is catchy (I was dancing to it in the shower lol XD)

    Rating: 6/10

    2. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawerence - FYI

    I LOVE THIS SONG! Sorry, I had to get that off my chest :) The vocals are perfect for this song, the beat is really catchy and lyrics are awesome! Not my favourite song from the album but it comes close. The violin and piano beginning are quite decietful for the tone of the lyrics.

    Raiting: 8.5/10

    3. Apple And Cinnamon

    The song that everyone heard about before. Repetitive, which is a shame. The lyrics are good but it sounds a little computer generated, espically the lyrics sometimes. I don't mind it, but it's just a tad too much computer sounding.

    Raiting: 7.5/10

    4. Taking My Money Back

    I don't really like this song. The vocals, lyrics and instrumentation just don't click with me.

    Raiting: 5/10

    5. This One (Crying Like A Child)

    Wooooooo! A ballad, R&B style. My fave song from the album. My only higgle with it is the 'ay-ay-ay' part. Why? Not necessary. I love the lyrics and vocals, and the instrumentation is perfect!

    Raiting: 9.5/10

    6. Automatic Part II

    I really, really hate this song. It doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Automatic. In fact, I've listened to it twice, then deleted it off my iPod.

    Raiting: 3/10

    7. Dirty Desire

    The backing vocals sound quite cheap and the song could do with a better ending. However, the lyrics aren't bad and the instrumentation is good. I like Hikki's vocals and the way she stresses the words a lot. Her vocals in this reminds me of Devil Inside.

    Raiting: 7/10

    8. Poppin'

    The start reminds me a bit of Mission Impossible I. I don't really love the song, but I don't hate it either. Too repetitive for my taste and the talking part doesn't really add much more.

    Raiting: 6/10

    9. Come Back To Me

    It's probably becuase I've heard it soooooo many times (According to iTunes, 677 times actually) that I've not actually listened to it since I got the album. It's the same as before and probably the most generic song on the whole album. The MV disappointed me though.

    Raiting: 8/10

    10. Me Muero

    This just doesn't fit in with the style of the album, with it's South American/Latino style. Reminds me of something I hear when I'm eating out at Nandos XO

    Raiting: 6/10

    I won't rate the 2 radio mixes.


    I think this an album aimed at breaking her into the American market, which is probably why some of the songs don't really fit well with me. However, it probably is going to fit in well and I hope it does well. As a album, it's solid but it's not really my style.

    Overall raiting: 8/10
  • You Are The One... Seriously Hikki, you are

    8. Mär. 2009, 15:01 von Ganny

    Utada's new album looms closer and closer. And while we all hold our breath, waiting for it to come out, I actually believe more and more that this will be her big break.

    Previews for some of the songs sound promising. Dirty Desire sounds like something which I know Hikki wouldn't have even of dreamt of doing a few years ago while doing Exodus, but surely it's a good thing. Noises coming out of America are good, with promotion going on big. Come Back To Me is getting a lot of airtime on American radio, she's doing interviews so much that my cousin is going crazy and it's so good that they're trying to push it out earlier than even Hikki thinks she can finish the album!

    Looks like Universal finally got their act together. This is what failed in Exodus. While I didn't like the album much, I (And probably you as well) felt that Hikki didn't get the advertising that she deserved. Actually, I don't think she got any XO

    This time, there are TV commercials, radio and TV interviews, and I gather that the PV for Come Back To Me is going to go out on MTV sometime soon. (I have a HQ copy, so just PM if you want it ;) ).

    I just hope that this album will be the one.
  • My take on the music world... Well, my music world XD

    26. Jan. 2009, 21:02 von Ganny

    Okay, things are looking very exciting musically. Right, who should I start with?

    Utada Hikaru has finally come out of hibernation, transformed into Utada and actually is going to give us some new matieral, in the form a new english album! Seriously, I was getting really annoyed when she kept releasing stuff like Prisoner Of Love. Don't get me wrong, I love the song, but she's already released it on her album. I wanted something new. And now I'm gonna get it! Yay! At first, I thought this was going to sound really bad, a new english album, considering how much I disliked Exodus (Yes, I did give it a chance but it didn't stick with me D:) but actually, Come Back To Me is one of my fave tracks now! (It's already got 400+ plays on my iPod lol)

    Also, Tsunku is back composing for morning musume!!! Nai Chau Kamo actually sounds MM-ish, rather than all the cover stuff they've been doing recently. Some facts I picked up from the PV: 1) Junjun is the most energetic dancer in MM. Seriously, look at her dancing, she seems to put more energy into it. 2) Reina's legs look kinda fat and stubby in fishnets (XD Don't flame me please). 3) Junjun is actually a very good actor. Why? Well, she seems to be the most convincing in the crying scenes. 4) Aichan needs a hair cut. What? Her hair round her face like that just looks ugly... 5) Aichan can actually act 2 different ages. She acts so mature and more like her age in the PV, yet in Q.E.D. (The drama which she starred in and is currently showing) she actually does act like a 17 year old... Weird O.o

    Speaking of Q.E.D. I've fallen for Aichan again. She's sooooooooooooo energetic and she portrays Kana perfectly. If she ever leaves MM (God forbid!!!) then she would make a great actor! Yes, you can tell I've been watching the show lol. And yes, I love it! Touma is kinda cool too.

    And fitting in with Q.E.D., 青山テルマ is back in my sights again, this time with the theme tune to the show, called 'Konno Mama Zutto'. Nice preview from what I hear at the end of the show, can't wait for the single in March!

    Finally, ai otsuka is also on the rise in my iPod playing charts. Why? Well, I... *cough* got hold of... *cough* some of her PVs and the one that really attracted me? Smiley!!! XD

    Well, it's gonna be an exciting year... Hopefully XD
  • 15 favourite albums of '08 + a bunch of stuff

    7. Jan. 2009, 15:50 von soratami

    In alphabetical order, and with my favourite 5 tracks from each...

    15 favourite albums of '08:
    I be on the hotline like errrday
    Beyoncé - I Am... Sasha Fierce (A nice mix of ballads and more upbeat tracks. It has some filler but also several great tunes. I prefer the Sasha Fierce side to the I Am... one)

    Single Ladies (Put A Ring on It)
    If I Were A Boy

    Oh baby baby if you seek Amy tonight
    Britney SpearsCircus (A great follow-up to the also amazing Blackout. This time with more musical variety and a lot of memorable lines. It has a couple of awful tracks (My Baby and Mmm Papi) but the rest is all really good - from the singles to the deluxe edition bonus tracks.)

    If U Seek Amy
    Unusual You

    Some people think that I'm heading for a meltdown
    Emiliana TorriniMe And Armini (More varied than her other albums, but Emiliana still sounds as amazing as ever. My second favourite of hers after Love In The Time of Science)

    Me And Armini
    Ha Ha
    Big Jumps

    I REMEEEEEEMBER living that dream
    Girls AloudOut Of Control (Not as good as the brilliant Chemistry and Tangled Up, but still a very very good pop album. Shame towards the end it has a bit of filler)

    The Loving Kind
    Love Is The Key
    Miss You Bow Wow
    Turn To Stone

    It’s a blue bright blue Saturday hey hey
    GoldfrappSeventh Tree (A great change of direction for one of my favourite bands. A&E is one of my favourite songs of the year and this is in my opinion their second best album after Black Cherry)

    Caravan Girl
    Road To Somewhere
    Little Bird

    I gotta dream big
    Jazmine SullivanFearless (Very consistent RnB/Soul album. Jazmine is just amazing)

    Dream Big
    Call Me Guilty
    Bust Your Windows
    Lions, Tigers & Bears
    Need U Bad

    Am I the only sour cherry in your fruitstand?
    The KillsMidnight Boom (Not really the kind of this I listen to usually, but gotta love the raw sound and the incredibly catchy tunes)

    Sour Cherry
    Cheap And Cheerful
    U.R.A. Fever
    Tape Song
    Hook And Line

    J-J-Just dance!
    Lady GagaThe Fame (it's just AMAZING. Lady GaGa is the best thing ever for sure <3 Just Dance is also one of my favourite tracks of 2008)

    Just Dance
    Poker Face
    Money Honey
    I Like It Rough
    Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

    You came to my show and I saw you at the crowd...
    LadyhawkeLadyhawke (Lots of synths, great choruses, 80s influences... what else could I ask for?)

    Paris Is Burning
    My Delirium
    Dusk Till Dawn
    Better Than Sunday

    January clipped your wires, the summer went straight through your tires
    LadytronVelocifero (My second favourite of theirs after Light & Magic. I'm Not Scared and Burning Up are especially amazing)

    I’m Not Scared
    Burning Up

    I think I’m just a little bit... a little bit... a little bit in love with you
    Lykke LiYouth Novels (Another amazing new artist of 2008. Lykke Li has a very original minimalist pop sound and a lovely voice. Also, she's CRAZY, but that's beside the point)

    I’m Good, I’m Gone
    Little Bit
    Breaking It Up
    Dance, Dance, Dance

    If I can shake it I’mma make this somethign worth... dreaming of
    SantogoldSantogold (Love everything about the album and her. It has very different sounds but somehow it all works perfectly. L.E.S. Artistes is one of my favourite songs of 2008)

    L.E.S. Artistes
    Say Aha
    Shove It
    I’m A Lady

    Now you can’t fly away electric bird
    SiaSome People Have Real Problems (Her best album for sure)

    Little Black Sandals
    Electric Bird
    Soon We’ll Be Found
    Beautiful Calm Driving

    Ba-b-b-b-baby don’t blow me away
    SolangeSol-Angel & The Hadley St. Dreams (Never expected it to be as good as it is. It's better than anything her older sister has ever done, and I'm a big Beyoncé fan)

    I Decided (part 2)
    Sandcastle Disco
    Dancing In The Dark
    Valentine’s Day

    What good is an unbreakable heart?
    SugababesCatfights & Spotlights (a more mellow, soulful album by the Sugababes, sadly not very successful commercially and not very apreciated by a lot of fans, in my opinion it's one of their best. Also thankfully Amelle sounds slightly less awful than she did in Change.)

    Unbreakable Heart
    You On A Good Day
    Sunday Rain
    Can We Call A Truce

    Almost made it:
    AnnieDon’t Stop (had it been released :(
    Carla Bruni - Comme si De Rien N'Était (my favourite french album of the year. Gotta love Carla Bruni's voice)
    ColdplayViva La Vida or Death and All His Friends (this would definitely be my 16th pick)
    Cut CopyIn Ghost Colours (some tracks are AMAZING but there's just something about it that doesn't quite work. Also, the lyrics are often cringe-worthy)
    The KillersDay & Age (half amazing half meh)

    The best compilation:
    Christina AguileraKeeps Gettin’ Better (a Decade of Hits) (Because the 4 new tracks are all excellent)

    Biggest dissapointment, of the year:
    P!nkFunhouse (I'm a big P!nk fan but this album is just awful. It's 3/4 ballads and even the more upbeat tracks are not nearly as good as her older material. So What, even though it's quite catchy, is not that good really, it sounds like a Kelly Clarkson song. Sober is probably the only track I like)

    First great album of 2009:
    Kylie MinogueBoombox (I always wanted Kylie to release a compilation with her best remixes from the Parlophone era, because she has LOT of amazing ones(in fact I think Kylie is by far the popstar with the best remixes). She finally did release it so... :D)

    ~THE END~

    Edit: Gabriella Cilmi's is a great one I forgot. Fave tracks are
    Sweet About Me
    Don't Wanna Go To Bed Now
    Echo Beach
    Save The Lies
  • HANGRY & ANGRY aren't Hello! Project...

    19. Okt. 2008, 20:38 von Ganny

    It was announced on the Hello! Project website today that as of March 31st, 2009, all of the members of Elder Club will be leaving Hello! Project.

    Mass graduation or mass firings? You make the call.

    The exact members graduating are as follows:

    morning musume OG:
    Nakazawa Yuuko
    Iida Kaori
    Abe Natsumi
    Yasuda Kei
    Yaguchi Mari
    Ishikawa Rika
    Yoshizawa Hitomi
    Tsuji Nozomi
    Konno Asami
    Ogawa Makoto
    Fujimoto Miki

    Inaba Atsuko
    Satoda Mai (Country Musume)
    Saito Hitomi (Melon Kinenbi)
    Murata Megumi (Melon Kinenbi)
    Ohtani Masae (Melon Kinenbi)
    Shibata Ayumi (Melon Kinenbi)
    Maeda Yuki
    Matsuura Aya
    Miyoshi Erika
    Okada Yui
    Ongaku Gatas (presumably, Korenaga Miki, Noto Arisa, Sengoku Minami, Sawada Yuri)

    Not much else to say but... wow.

    Tsunku's comment

    I have some important news to share.

    All members of H!P Elder Club, namely Morning Musume OG (Nakazawa Yuuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Tsuji Nozomi, Konno Asami, Ogawa Makoto, Fujimoto Miki), Inaba Atsuko, Satoda Mai (Country Musume), Melon Kinenbi, Maeda Yuki, Matsuura Aya, Miyoshi Erika, Okada Yui and Ongaku Gatas, will be graduating from Hello! Project on 31.3.2009.

    Most of theses girls have already graduated from Morning Musume and other groups.

    They have been appearing on stage since they were teenagers.

    After the 10th year anniversary has passed, they have realized that it is necessary to smash through the stereotypes that have been built up for them by now, and find courage to begin a new path towards their future careers.

    Personally, I have big expectations for their future efforts, and I would like to announce my support for these girls.

    I also hope you will keep supporting both current Hello! Project members and the members who are going to graduate.

    Hello! Project producer Tsunku

    Nakazawa Yuuko's comment

    Effective from 31.3.2009, H!P Elder Club members will be graduating from Hello!Project.

    Since my graduation from Morning Musume in 2001, I have been in charge of the leader position in H!P.

    H!P has been a place where we have been putting all out efforts into creating and expressing songs and performances.

    Now it is time for every member to leave this place and take a new step forward, but we will definitely keep putting all our efforts to bring you dreams and excitement.

    As for the future of H!P, our juniors (kouhai) will take over and carry on that spirit. Please give them even bigger support.

    Nakazawa Yuuko
    - Hello! Online

    So does that mean H&A won't ever come to realisation? Or are they going to move to another label?

    Personally, I think that UFA have lost the plot. They're 'graduating' their best members... Nacchi, Yuuko, Yossie, Nono, Kono, Ogawa... Basically, those who weren't doing anything...

    And also, this puts pressure on Aichan. Is she really ready to take up the postion of leader of H!P? I think this will change her even more, and not for the better. The more mature Aichan is sexier, but misses that spark which the old bubbly, strong accented Aichan gave...

  • The revival of Hello! Project

    14. Okt. 2008, 16:42 von Ganny

    The general consensus is that Hello! Project losing it's touch. Super crazy-pop went off the menu ages ago, with morning musume not reachng no.1 on ORICON, even with their cover of popular classic, Pepper Keibu. Buono, Gatas, C-ute and berryz koubou are also going the same way for me. Nothing has really caught my eye in terms of astonshing singles/albums. In fact, most of my listening of any Hello! Project group has been purely out of loyalty.

    But now, it may actually have a chance of survival. With Goto Maki's switch to the AVEX label, H!P has been looking for a new solo/group face other than morning musume.

    And now they have it.

    HANGRY & ANGRY isn't the type I'm used to listening, but I was willing to give it a try. And to my surprise, I rather liked it. Of course, it's only a preview of their single, Kill Me Kiss Me, but already, I'm hopeful. It's a new style of popish-rock and gothic clothing (
    Hangry & Angry is a collaboration with a Harajuku fashion store which goes by the same name.)

    And the members? Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika. The last people I'd expected to dress up like this: But actually, if it means that I have such an interesting song to listen to, I don't care who the members are.

    With the egdy lyrics and new gothic styled look, it seems that UFA has finally seen that the crap which has been coming out since Yossie left MM is no longer good enough. Hangry & Angry, I'm sure, will atrract both old and new fans.

    Hangry & Angry's main site can be found here:http://www.s-inc.com/hangry-angry/main.php