Los Hijos del Infierno

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Gegründet am: 10. Dez. 2010
A group for fans of dark electro music (EBM, Aggrotech, Harsh EBM, etc...) from Mexico, South America, and everywhere in between.

From Hocico to Reaxion Guerrilla, from Amduscia to Asseptic Room, old school, new school, whatever, if you love "Odio Electronico," then this is the group for you!

If you'd like to join the facebook group, it's here:

if you have a new industrial/dark electro project, please submit all tracks in 128kbp mp3 to: engravedritual@gmail.com

check us out and tune in @ our mixcloud page:

The label that LHDI spawned, Engraved Ritual, has released nine albums so far- Andro-Dioxin, Angels of Suicide, God Destruction, Say Just Words, Traumatize, Bleeding Corp., Code: Red Core, and Subliminal Code- without the support of each and every one of you, this wouldn't have been possible- check out our releases here:

Questions, requests, comments, kudos, jeers, concerns, ordering inquiries:

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