• Twitter integrated music video "Life is an adventure"

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    DTT's Twitter integrated music video "Life is an adventure"

    The track uses a quote of Patti Smith's "Life is an adventure of our own design. Intercepted by fate. In series of lucky and unlucky accidents".

    So I saw peoples tweets floating in every moment, second. Some of them are happy and full of life, in the same time some of them are sad, miserable... I wondered if I could make a code to connect those random tweets using numbers of characters, numbers of followers with music and geometrical images that you can possibly contribute to the design using your own single click. Every time you watch it, what you see will be different.

    At this moment, I use keyword searches using 3 words, "Life","Lucky" and "Unlucky" plus hushtag "#DTTLIA". Anyone who has a twitter account, please tweet using #DTTLIA to contribute your moment in life.

    Watch full video from
    Please watch it using google Chrome
  • Review for new album - Tick Tickety Boom!

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    Clinker is releasing new album Tick Tickety Boom!

    Artwork by Ilia Rogatchevski

    ‘Tick Tickety Boom!’ isn’t all doom and gloom, but it is very much an album that holds a mirror to the social, political and musical landscape.
    by Christopher Nosnibor

    “Tick Tickety Boom!” is a celebration of sorts, in Clinker’s own unique way. Which, truth be told Polyanna, is really the way of the world.
    By mr. atavist

    Buy it for £3 from bandcamp page
  • September '13 Discoveries

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    Come On Live Long formed in late 2010. Having met through mutual friends, the band recorded their debut EP over a winter weekend in the West of Ireland just weeks after their inception. The result is the free to download Come On Live Long EP which can be downloaded via Bandcamp.

    By combining the use of samplers, synths, ukeleles, guitars, keys and percussion Come On Live Long blend a common love for all things electronic with their folk roots to attain a sound that is both energetic and melodic.


    Swim Deep is a four piece band from Birmingham UK. Their music has been described as “Beach grunge”. the band often get mentioned in the same sentence as fellow Birmingham bands Peace and Troumaca who also make slacker beach rock.

    Honey kind city The Sea


    he brainchild of 26-year-old Brighton born singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg, Passenger is redefining the troubadour for the 21st century. Formerly a five-piece band, Passenger has now pared back to basics, quite literally bringing music to the streets on a series of lengthy busking journeys across Australia, America and the United Kingdom. A classic journeyman musician, cut from the same mould as Van Morrison, Neil Young and John Prine, Passenger has the unique ability to move from the humorous to heartbreaking with every song.

    Fairytales & Firesides Community Centre Facebook

  • February '13 Discoveries

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    Two Wounded Birds have steeped themselves in the defining sounds of the last 60 years, creating their own micro-community in an unreceptive, generally hostile home town.
    This all-encompassing love of rock and pop has acted as a block to the relentless buzz of the hype machines and instilled in the band a fervent appreciation of melody and a deep reverence for the song. And it comes across in the music.


    In early 2012 a mysterious band appeared online. The group, The Neighbourhood, revealed no biographical information, no photos and no backstory, offering only a moody track titled “Female Robbery.” Fans and the press were confounded, scouring the Internet for any information that might lead them to the identity of these musicians. Pieces of the puzzle, some reflecting reality and some not so much, began to emerge. The Neighbourhood were a quintet. They were from California despite the British spelling of their name. They had a second track, “Sweater Weather,” which had an accompanying — and equally dark — video.

    Sweater Weather Afraid Female Robbery Let It Go


    Smith Westerns consists of Cullen Omori (vocals), Max Kakacek (Guitar), Cameron Omori (Bass), and Julien Ehrlich (drums).Since forming in 2007 in Chicago, Illinois, United States, Smith Westerns have managed to tour both the United States and Europe while supporting the likes of MGMT, Florence and The Machine, Belle and Sebastian, Girls, and Passion Pit. Their self recorded “lo-fi” debut Smith Westerns, released in 2009, garnered critical acclaim for their youthful and glam rock tinged approach to pop music. In 2010, Smith Westerns teamed up with Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Beach House) and current record label Fat Possum to record their sophomore effort in a proper studio. The result was a cleaner/higher quality recording of lush, layered timeless pop songs.

    Be My Girl Girl In Love Dreams Gimmie Some Time


    Those of you that have heard of Friska Viljor before probably know the story of how Daniel Johansson and Joakim Sveningsson started the band after both their relationships had gone down the drain. Those of you who haven’t heard of the band still know this particular kind of story far too well. Heartache has always been one of the prime catalysts for artistic work, and every artist sees their own suffering as something unique, and their thoughts and work about it as something the whole world should share, says Daniel.

    After four years using music as a cheap therapist both Daniel and Joakim had come to the point in their lives when it is time for a fresh start. This clearly shows on the band’s third album ”For New Beginnings.”

    The lyrics no longer consists solely of broken hearts. Instead there’s stories of happiness, sorrow and hope. You’ll get some soul searching in “If I Die Now,” a bit of nostalgia in the childhood portray “Manwhore”, and some apathy in “Hibiskus Park”.

    There’s also some changes in the music. You still get the drastic leaps between genres and the bands typical instrumentation with everything from mandolin, ukulele and glockenspiel to accordion, clarinet and saw. But you can clearly sense a new direction, away from euphoric choruses towards depth and seriousness.

    Oh No! This is what I Feared All Along


    (((S))) is a one man project from the foggy streets of Copenhagen, Denmark. This anonymous black and white phantom artist releases his debut album ”GHOST” in April 2009.

    When asked about his anonymous appearance (((S))) replies: ”Ever since childhood I have had this deep desire inside to be invisible and loved at the same time,- It’s like my motto and ever since then I have worked very hard to obtain my goal. And this record is one of the results of these thoughts and desires”.

    If you head over to his page, you'll find a lot of his tracks available for free download!

    Deathtrip Mesmerized Swimming in Lava
  • Try Stevens - Mr Lonely ft Joe Karchud [Official Video] [Dir] by 5teven

    31. Mär. 2013, 10:04 von junkstreet

  • November '12 Discoveries

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    Ice, Sea, Dead People

    Ice, Sea, Dead People are an energetic young three-piece from Bedford, taking inspiration from Fugazi, Jarcrew, Q And Not U, Liars, Kill Kenada and more.

    Hence:Elvis I'm Cat Grean Tee



    Ducktails is the solo project of Matt Mondanile with the occasional collaborator. Matt also plays in the bands Real Estate and Predator Vision.

    Hamilton Road Killin The Vibe In The Swing


    Dirty Beaches

    Alex Zhang Hungtai, known by his stage name Dirty Beaches, is a Taiwanese-born Canadian lo-fi musician based in Montreal, Quebec.

    Like Bo Diddley or minimalist synth provocateurs Suicide, Dirty Beaches’ compositions are not so much stripped down as refined to their essence. Drum loops, Hungtai’s croon, and the yearning melodies draped overtop belie as much a sense of haunting mystery as they do romanticism and wry humour.

    Lord Knows Best True Blue Sweet 17


    Two Wounded Birds

    Two Wounded Birds are back. And now, at long last, they will release their debut album, the self-titled Two Wounded Birds, and what a glorious debut it is! Not just a collection of songs, but a true album, well-rounded and fully formed.

    It’s been a busy couple of years for the band: they have released an EP—2010′s well-received Keep Dreaming Baby—recorded a BBC session, played Glastonbury, released two singles with Moshi Moshi Recordings and toured extensively with the likes of my band The Drums, Grouplove and Black Lips

  • September '12 Discoveries

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    Tribes are a London-based indie band formed in Summer 2009, consisting of Johnny Lloyd, Dan White, Jim Cratchley and Miguel Demelo. For their sixth gig in June 2010, Tribes were asked to support the celebrated American band the Pixies at the London Troxy. Their 4-track debut EP, We Were Children, was released on 17 April 2011. Their debut single, “Sappho,” was made available for download on 11 July 2011.

    Evil Ways Mississippi


    San Cisco

    San Cisco are from Fremantle in sunny Western Australia. On the weekends they love to go skateboarding, play Nintendo 64 and make a bit of indie pop on the side. Scarlett bangs the drums, Nick plays the electric bass, Jordi & Josh are the guys that play the guitars, write the songs and sing them.

    San Cisco have spent the last year graduating high school, performing at some festivals and playing round town pretty much every weekend. They have also produced their first EP called Golden Revolver, which is set for release early 2011. Confident with stage presence & strong with vocals San Cisco continue to impress with their brand of upbeat summer pop.

    Jordi says: “San Cisco is a place situated between reality & a dream state. It is kind of like a huge cauldron we put all out creative input into, mix it together to make a super explosion of fantastic, wild creations. This is San Cisco.”

    Awkward Golden Revolver Reckless


    General Fiasco

    General Fiasco: Based in Belfast. Annoying the Neighbours. Not the Australian ones.
    The band was formed by the Strathern brothers Owen and Enda and Shane Davey who met at St. Mary’s Grammar School Magherafelt. After Shane’s departure, he was replaced by Stephen “Leaky” Leacock who they met at Rainey Endowed School in Magherafelt, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. They formed General Fiasco in early 2007 and played their first gig at the Glasgowbury Festival near their home town on July 26th of that year. They soon supported bands such as The Wombats, One Night Only, The Pigeon Detectives and The Enemy, and played at Oxegen, Belsonic and the Reading and Leeds Festivals. Their debut single Rebel Get By was released on 10 November 2008. In an interview Owen said how they got their name. “There were loads of names going about. Someone came up with General Music which no one really liked and I came up with Marley Jedrejak Fiasco. So it was just a combination of two terrible names. There was someone in my class at school called Jedrejak, I think they were Australian. I just thought it was a really cool name.”

    Don't You Ever Gold Chains Bad Habits



    John Jagos, the brain behind and sole member of Brothertiger, doesn’t aspire to be anything other than himself. His tunes are ostensibly “chillwave,” but with a sparkling melodic sense that sets them apart from other artists under that umbrella. Since the project’s beginning during Jagos’ freshman year at Ohio University, Brothertiger has developed a nuanced sound that attempts to blend the human and animal elements suggested by its name. As a live performer in the Athens house party scene, he’s gained a reputation for intense joyfulness. Recorded, his songs are more precious, with details and ideas that only reveal themselves with repeated listens. Buoyed by his voice - which contains both adult timbre and youthful disposition - Jagos’ songs combine layered, interweaving electronics with warm, satisfying melodies. He’s been releasing them at a fever pitch, earning favorable press from places like Pitchfork Media and the Fader while preparing his first full length less than two years after he began. Yet even with this gathering momentum, Brothertiger maintains a personal humility and unassuming nature that echoes the subtle exuberance of his music.

    Lovers Wind at My Back Feel


    Alabama Shakes

    Alabama Shakes is an American rock band formed in Athens, Alabama, United States in 2009. The group consists of lead singer Brittany Howard, guitarist Heath Fogg, bassist Zac Cockrell, and drummer Steve Johnson.

  • August '12 Discoveries

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    I Am Arrows

    I Am Arrows is an indie rock band founded by former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows in June 2009. Eleven days after he left Razorlight, it was revealed that Burrows had signed to Universal Records – the same record label as his ex-band.

    Although Andy wrote and recorded the album by himself, the band includes his younger brother, Ben (bass & backing vocals), brothers Adam and Ben Chetwood (lead guitar & drums), & Nick Hill (guitar & backing vocals)



    Holograms are a band from Stockholm, SE.

    On their self-titled debut album, the brooding Swedish hooligans spray-tag late-’70s post-punk turf that’s unavoidably near the bloodied stage-diving grounds of similarly astounding Danish brutes Iceage. As previewed, though, by lead single “ABC City,” a ferocious rebel yell from a drab Stockholm housing project, Holograms has the worn-out synth wobble, scrappy gang-vocal hooks and brusquely sloganeering youth-without-youth perspective to set it apart — both from summer-of-’78 retro pastiche and the group’s contemporaries over in Copenhagen

    Chasing My Mind ABC City Monolith Stress Orpheo


    The Cast of Cheers

    A great name, catchy songs and instant acclaim has established Dublin four-piece The Cast Of Cheers as a firm favorite with music critics and fans alike and a band you will be hearing much more.

    In 2010, the band quietly released their debut album Chariot. Not ones to rest on their laurels though, brothers and front men Conor and Neil Adams, bassist John Higgins and drummer Kevin Curran are already back in studio recording the follow up. The Cast Of Cheers look set to become the new favorite band of many more if they continue at such a blistering speed.



    Satellite Stories

    Dance Indie Pop band (described by their members as “party-indie”) from Oulu, Finland, founded in 2008. Satellite Stories are Olli-Pekka (drums), Jyri (Bass) Marko (Guitar) and Esa (Vocals-Guitar).

    Having been featured on the top-10 of The Hype Machine and We Are Hunted, from MTV tv-series Jersey Shore, or the thousands of Soundcloud plays raise thought: “these guys really make some wonderful racket!”.

    March 2012 saw the bands 10 track “Scandinavia EP” released on legendary Japanese record label Rallye, April 28th will see the band release their debut single in Europe “Anti-Lover” with a full three continent touring programme in the pipeline.

    Blame the Fireworks (Tiger Palace Remix)


    I Heart Sharks

    I Heart Sharks is an indietronic pop band from Berlin. The members Pierre, Simon and Georg all moved to Berlin and started playing together in this constellation in November 2007. Pierre grew up in London and brings the english lyrics and accent to the band as well as playing synthesizers. Simon started as the guitarist and has now taken on the job of playing synthesizers in some songs. Georg is the band’s drummer that plays a live drum set combined with a sample pad.

    I Heart Sharks are a live playing band, and this is a trait that they emphasize strongly. Their concerts and their recordings are done without the use of sequencers or any kind of playback material

    Wolves Animals NeuzeitAerobics

  • Clinker NEW ALBUM 'A Distorted Image' OUT NOW!!!

    14. Dez. 2012, 0:11 von Clinker_tomoko

    "A Distorted Image" 13 brand new tracks + a FREE bonus album "Democracy" for just £4

    So here it is…Clinker’s 11th album ‘A Distorted Image’. Yes 11th. Well the first half of those weren’t in effect made available to anyone but close friends, but were recorded as albums at the time so they count in my book.

    This one we’ve fussed over for some time. The recording was finished ages ago.
    In the end we’ve had to let it go out there and stand up on its own two feet. We could fuss ‘til we lay feet upwards in the dirt, but no more…it’s out!

    We actually recorded another album before this one. Ichiko and Antonio were still part of the band and with their additional input on the album it looked like we had another great album to share with everyone called ‘Democracy’. Soon that line up of the band disintegrated, with Ichiko and Antonio going, and we were ready to move on.

    We soon found a direction we wanted to move in and ‘A Distorted Image’ began to come to life.

    So what of ‘Democracy’? It seems a shame to let those tunes disappear forever, so they are included as a bonus album when you download the new album. I listened to the album yesterday and yeah…I’m still very happy with it, so have it, it’s yours.

    There’s also a DTT remix of a track from ‘A Distorted Image’, ‘Voices in my Head’, as an additional bonus track.

    'A Distorted Image' plus bonus album 'Democracy' are available from page.
    Something to Behold (Bouncing Song)
    Just Like War
    Reflection of Distorted Images
  • Love Hurts Ep out now

    8. Dez. 2012, 20:22 von Bencopland

    MooliLove Hurts EPMooli Music

    Mooli- Love Hurts is out now, featuring the songs " Love Hurts' ' Frozen' ' Everyone is famous' and ' One Chance' .


    "Imagine Chrissie Hyde or Jane Siberry mixing it with MGMT in Nassau. Imagine no more" 8/10 Flipside Flipside

    "UK-based Mooli consists of vocalist Kristina Smith and writer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Ben Copland. They are not a dance act, yet they have received huge praise from the dance world. Pete Tong has name-checked them, Judge Jules has raved about them and a couple of their tunes have found their way in to the top 5 club charts on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as top 10 in Australia. They are not a chill out band, yet their last album Concubine, has been called one of the best chill out albums of all-time. This lead to their songs appearing on over fifteen ‘Chilled’ compilation albums. It seems that every genre wants them for their own! Let’s see what their EP is all about.

    Opening track Love Hurts, is immediately highly addictive. Kristina’ Smiths soaring vocals makes you warm to the track, instantly. It is extremely catchy and well produced. It’s an exciting opening track and flows with ease into Frozen. Frozen is a song about dealing with the shock of the end of a relationship and continues in a similar vein and sound as Love Hurts. Hugely likeable, poppy, with an uplifting back-beat, with some interesting lyrics, which go against the catchiness of the song. “You mourn for what you suit had and you also mourn for unrealised dreams. You’re just frozen until you are able to deal with all and move on.”

    Everyone is Famous is a song about how people become famous by association, which is not necessarily a good thing. The track has a deep, driving synth bass, sprinkled with sharp synth spikes, permeating Smiths icy vocals. The vocals are again spot on and it is again, another truly great song. Another side of the duo is shown on closing track, *One Chance. It is a more heart string tugging pop ballad affair with lush synth strings, an emotive piano and a big, triumphant chorus, which demonstrates perfectly the high level of this duo’s songwriting ability. “It’s a song about seizing the moment and going for it” adds Smith.

    After listening to the EP, we immediately hit the play button again. When it finished for a second time, we again hit play. We love this EP and wished it was an entire album, as four songs really aren’t long enough with tunes that are as instantly likeable as these! 5/5 Entertainment focus November 2012.

    * one Chance features Steve Harris from Archive.