Love and Ban not working

  • Love and Ban not working


    are the "Love" and "Ban" buttons working for you guys? I tried them while playing my "recommended" station, but tracks I mark as "loved" do not show up in the corresponding list in my profile, while clicking on "Ban" returns a status of "FAILED".

    Both "Love" and "Ban" do not result in any errors from the python script on the console. I did get a "audioscrobbler: Handshake error:" though (when I started the proxy).

    Apart from this issue LastFMProxy seems to be working fine.


  • Hi,

    I can confirm that the Love button doesn't work. Loved songs don't show up in my profile. The script doesn't throw any errors. I cannot say anything about the Ban button. I hardly use it. The Skip button though is working.


    • Maeglin73 schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 31. Okt. 2008, 0:00
    I haven't personally had to ban a song yet, but otherwise I'm seeing the same thing... Skip works, Love doesn't.

  • Yep, mee too here. i would love if someone could shed some light on this, that would make it PERFECT for me :)

    • theMarix schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 5. Jan. 2009, 15:07
    Some problem for me.

    • Maeglin73 schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 20. Jan. 2009, 14:36
    It seems that the fault lies with they've had Love/Ban documented as part of the AudioScrobbler protocol (which LFP uses) for some time now, but never actually implemented it. Who knows at the moment if they ever will.

    Currently, the only way to access those functions is via their web service API, which requires an authorization key that needs to be kept fairly secure... not something that can really be done in open source program.

    • razamatan schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 30. Jan. 2009, 19:16
    i just commented out the lines in the that surface those "buttons" so it doesn't annoy you as much since it doesn't work quite well...

    --- 15:26:06.000000000 -0800
    +++ main.py2009-01-30 11:13:31.000000000 -0800
    @@ -421,8 +421,8 @@

    tmp = tmp + "<span id=\"lfmp-buttons1\" style=\"display: none;\">"
    tmp = tmp + "<a href=\"javascript:skip();\" title=\"Skip track (space)\">Skip</a> &middot; "
    - tmp = tmp + "<a href=\"javascript:love();\" title=\"Love this track (enter)\">Love</a> &middot; "
    - tmp = tmp + "<a href=\"javascript:ban();\" title=\"Ban this track (backspace)\">Ban</a> &middot; "
    + # tmp = tmp + "<a href=\"javascript:love();\" title=\"Love this track (enter)\">Love</a> &middot; "
    + # tmp = tmp + "<a href=\"javascript:ban();\" title=\"Ban this track (backspace)\">Ban</a> &middot; "
    tmp = tmp + "<input type=\"checkbox\" onChange=\"togglertp();\" name=\"rtp\" id=\"lfmp-rtp\"> <label for=\"lfmp-rtp\">R<span class=\"lfmp-shortcut\">e</span>cord to profile</label> &middot; "
    tmp = tmp + "</span>"

    • madBYK schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 22. Feb. 2009, 19:10
    I think Vidar has abandoned the project. I found that the problem is due to the API change. does not support the old API now.

    I'll try to update the script according to the new API but this will surely take time.

    Smile for life :)
    • vidarino schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 27. Feb. 2009, 19:10
    Hi. I haven't quite abandoned it, but I'm not as active as I used to be. I'll be away this weekend, but I'll see if I can get things back on track soon.

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    • madBYK schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 1. Mär. 2009, 22:50

    Good news

    Oh that's good then :) I can help you with the process if you want. Just get in touch with me if you're interested ;)

    Smile for life :)
  • Still broked

    Ban (and love?) still doesn't work. I've banned that stupid puchu ands up for detroooit song about 10 times.

    • jbond schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 1. Mär. 2010, 14:06

    Mix of APIs

    Lastfmproxy is built round the old API. But the love and ban buttons now have to use the new API because have disabled a lot of the old API function. Look round this forum and you'll find other discussions about this. LastFm Proxy has been patched so it still works but we won't get these functions back until it's re-written. There is an open source project to do this but it's stalled.

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  • Love and ban not working!

    Hi there,
    I use Ubuntu 9.10.
    I've used for more than a year, and all was working well till a few days ago, when suddenly the love and ban buttons stopped working! It might be linked to the update of Flash Player, but I'm not sure. I'm using the latest Flash plugin.
    Please help! :)

  • Love and ban fixed

    Hi there,
    lastFmProxy version 1.4d is now available at . Please see the provided manual for the changes in your setup.
    Have fun,

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