request: auto play a station when launches

  • request: auto play a station when launches

    I like to listen to in my car. what I usually do is plug in my phone and launch but due to the lengthy startup/login time (30 seconds to a minute on my 3g) I'm usually driving down the road by the time I can actually select a station to play. because of this I often never end up selecting a station to play as I'm preoccupied with driving or I forget.

    I think a great usability feature would be to have the option to play one of your stations automatically when the app launches.

    I'm a developer and I desire this feature enough that i would implement it myself if I owned a mac. I might even borrow my buddies mac to bust this out if there's enough interest.

    two questions:

    Is this a feature anyone else is interested in?


    Would consider implementing this request in the next release of the iphone app?

    • c99koder schrieb...
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    • 15. Dez. 2011, 0:49
    You might be able to accomplish this by using an app to create a custom shortcut icon on your home screen that links to a station URL, ex. if you enter "lastfm://user/bamdastard/library" as the URL it should launch the app and start playing your library.

  • ok I think I'm nearly there

    in safari I placed the following javascript in the address bar:
    javascript: setInterval(function(){window.location="lastfm://user/bamdastard/mix"},5000)

    the setInterval function gives me enough time to add a link to the homescreen for the code snippet.

    now the shortcut will open up lastfm, except it requires me to log in every time. after the login it does start playing mix automatically.

    a link in the email to:

    has the same problem.

    would using an app to create the shortcut suffer from the same login problem? which app should I use?

    • c99koder schrieb...
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    • 16. Dez. 2011, 0:26
    Which iPhone and version of iOS are you using, and are you using the latest version of the app? The login screen incorrectly being displayed when launching from an external URL should have been fixed in the last update. I'll take another look at this and if it's still an issue we'll release another update to fix it shortly.

  • wrong version

    Yep that was it Thanks a ton for your advice.

    I created a little page to help with the shortcut creation here:

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