Windows Phone 7 scrobbling

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    • 9. Jan. 2012, 8:50

    Windows Phone 7 scrobbling

    So, as WP7 is getting a larger marketshare and WP7.5 (codename Mango) supports multitasking and apps running in the background (as demonstrated by Artist Info or MusiXmatch Lyrics app, which are able to detect a currently playing track), the following question arises:

    Are developers about to include scrobbling in their app?

    We all Windows Phone 7 users are eagerly waiting for it. Thanks for an answer from a staff.

  • Re: Windows Phone 7 scrobbling

    Anyone who has been brave enough to try (buy) a WP7 phone has been rewarded. A friend showed me his Samsung Galaxy II 4g and I was appalled. I've owned an Android phone so I'm not biased. WP7 is catching on. It's the phone for adults. I'm trying for the 1st time now. It'd be great to look forward to full functionality for my phone.


  • It isn't real multitasking, and at this moment it's impossible to implement background scrobbling from WP7 device. Background tasks run only twice each hour, and it doesn't even guaranteed, that they will ever run. And there is no API to access playback history.

    wp7 devops

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