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Moderatoren: Fulvian und stationarybike
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Gegründet am: 13. Jun. 2008
A group for all couples on

This group is dedicated to all couples on boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers, spouses, etc.

Both of You must have accounts!

If You join, please register Your lover's username HERE and ask Your lover to join this group too.

Any sex orientation is allowed (male-male, male-female, female-female, male-animal, etc.)

There are lots of things we can talk about here, for example HOW to scrobble to multiple accounts (our account and our lover's account) at once when we're listening together with our lover, etc. etc.

Sister Groups:
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List of registered couples:

001. bubbledumpster-LordSDoom (Cavale-Sam)
002. xTriviumMexicox-vagabondtc (Viry-John)
003. forever_yours-Razorblade_fox (Stephanie-Frank)
004. Ingzels-ChaoticRealms (Inge-Chris)
005. sheslikeheroin--Venuslacy (Jessica-Roxy)
006. AFailSafe-UnholyCult (Melissa-Nick)
007. dearcarniwhore-leonie47 (Niki-Leonie)
008. FoxyGrandma-Malerwal (Flo-Denis)
009. mc08-tfmaster (Michelle-Arcadio)
010. digimon-master-Louwramaygraham (Cameron-Laura)
011. OneRodeToAsaBay-OwenOwenOwen (Branka-Owen)
012. EducatedBurro-dreamsnake (Gregory-Angel)
013. skullflowers-marcomarcopolo (Jenna-Megan)
014. pepe_floyd84-LadyGerly (José-Gerli)
015. Mauz_-BeatySwollocks (Maurice-Chelsea)
016. photomusix-bassnvocalkiss (Jennifer-Julian)
017. samantha_666-Bluefley (Tsvetomira-Mladen)
018. ch3rri-Synchro! (Ivi-Timo)
019. marthz-Fureimes (Martha-César)
020. anathema4-MartuCIA (Mariusz-Marta)
021. Dubbl--moehri- (Kai-Myri)
022. gardianangel333-heartagramgirl (Nick-Aulbri)
023. Aenama-Adermina (Arek-Monika)
024. rex_nemorensis-andrelle_eophyn (Christ-Rai)
025. jaxlover666-DragonSmaug (Heidi-Annpann)
026. andromedaxb-heavylione (Fabi-Emi)
027. petesntinnocent-peteisinnocent (Nestor-Jessica)
028. mycoolyoung-stationarybike (Adam-Erika)
029. (You are next!)

List of all registered couples is updated regularly.

Contact Fulvian (private message, not shoutbox) if You're interested to be the co-leader of this group.

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